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Zakir Naik, who said that “all Muslims should be terrorists,” was detained in Oman.

Numerous people are looking for Zakir Naik, who has been detained. Is Zakir Naik, a fundamentalist preacher of Islam, really in custody? Since people learned that Zakir Naik would be sent back to India, they have a lot of concerns. According to reports, the wanted man Zakir Naik will be transferred from Oman to India. People are scrambling to find this information because it has generated headlines on social media and news outlets since it was first reported. According to the reports, people are searching for it and taking over the internet to talk about it. Here, we’ve compiled some crucial information and changes. Please continue reading this page and the parts that follow. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

Zakir Naik

The arrest of Zakir Naik in Oman

However, Zakir Naik still needs to be taken into custody. Zakir Naik, a fundamentalist speaker of Islam, is anticipated to be deported from Oman to India. Zakir Naik’s arrest is a top priority for the authorities, who are in touch with Oman-based agencies to make every effort possible to do so. However, it does not imply that he has been detained.

On March 23, 2023, Zakir Naik, a fundamentalist preacher of Islam, will give a talk in Oman about the first day of Ramadan. The first lecture by Zakir Naik will take place on Thursday, and the second lecture will take place at Sultan Qaboos University on Saturday, March 25, 2023. The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs of Oman arranged the classes. According to current rumors, Zakir Naik will be detained in Oman while giving his address there. Continue reading the next part to learn more about him.

To take him into custody, the local Indian Embassy is in constant contact with Omani officials. If it does, Zakir Naik will be sent back to India immediately. Additionally, a legal team is scheduled to travel to Oman, and the Indian Embassy in Oman has spoken with the Foreign Ministry about this issue simultaneously. Do you know the accusations leveled against Zakir Naik? He is charged with inciting racial hatred, money laundering, using hate speech, and financing terrorism. Zakir Naik was declared a wanted man in 2017 and had been residing in Malaysia ever since.

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