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You can watch all the Babuji Primeplay web series episodes online

You can watch every episode of the Babuji web series online on the official Primeplay app. Fans and critics both liked what they saw on the web series. On February 3, 2022, the first three episodes of the comedy-drama show came out. People loved Primeplay’s past online shows because they had interesting stories and great performances. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!

The leading roles in the Babuji web series were give to Bharti Jha and JOI. Each of the five to six episodes of the web series Babuji lasts between 25 and 30 minutes. You can watch the Babuji web series episodes on the Primeplay app. In the Primeplay App Vasu online serial, Riddhima Tiwari, Mahi Khan, and Rajsi Verma used to play important roles.

Cast of the Web Series

Prashant Amar Hotwani

Theodore Chauhan Yadav

Lalit Dixit Britt Jha

JOI Web Series Babuji Story

At the beginning of Episode 4 of the web series, Bharti Jha and Nishvika talk about how Babuji plays blind but can see everything. They came up with a plan to find out about Babuji. First, they did something romantic together, and then they invited Tarakesh Chauhan.

On the Primeplay app, you can watch another three-way romance with Bharti Jha, Nishvika, and Tarakesh Chaunan. The scene has a lot of explicit details as well. For example, at the same time, Bharti Jha and Tarakesh Chauhan could seen eating the same banana.

In episode five of the web series, Tarakesh Chauhan is shown hurting a relative who just move in with one of the female residents. It messed up her orange juice so he could take advantage of her. After the love proposal, the scene move to a different place where a second passionate couple was seen in a strange setting with a bathtub.

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In the sixth episode of the Babuji web series

Bharti Jha and Nishvika decide to keep an eye on Tarakesh Chauhan. This is the biggest cliffhanger so far. The woman thought Babuji was pretending to be blind and using the wheelchair for show.

The first six episodes of the Babuji web series have released. Episode 3 with Tarakesh Chauhan, Bharti Jha, and Nishvika. Like Babuji, Primeplay will release a brand-new, interesting online series.

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