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Written Update for Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, March 24, 2023: Pakhi agrees to accept the complaint back with a startling stipulation!

The grandma and relative of Satya praise him at the beginning of the episode. You all received gifts from your idol, so let me, says Satya. Satya receives Nani’s praise. Don’t touch my feet, Sattu says Nani; my blessings are with you always. Don’t call me Sattu, says Satya. You are our Sattu, according to Gouri (Satya’s relative). To tease Gouri, Satya nicknames her “mausi.” They all chuckle before leaving for pooja. Satya continues to refer to Gouri as mausi.

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Pakhi agrees to accept the complaint back with a startling stipulation!

Bhawani claims, “I don’t understand the whole case here.” Pulkit offers to clarify. According to Pulkit, Pakhi has filed a lawsuit accusing Sai and me of intentionally removing Pakhi’s uterus during surgery, done out of malice toward her rather than medical necessity. This is such a serious matter that there will be both a legal and a medical case, which will ruin our careers and end our professional lives. Our licenses may be revoked, and everything we’ve worked so hard for—including our good names and reputation—will be destroyed. Virat remarks that Pakhi did something terrible and that she shouldn’t have been so thoughtless.

Sai claims that Pakhi is unaware that I intend to defend my Vinayak. Here, Gouri tells Satya to carry extra prasad for Sai after he receives teasing about Sai. It’s not like that, according to Satya. Senior calls Satya and tells him about Sai’s medical malpractice case. Satya is startled. Virat approaches Pakhi at this point and yells at her. He no longer sees Vinayak. Pakhi sends Vinu to play with Savi. Vinu exits. What does this manner of speaking to me mean? Asks Pakhi. What did you do, asks Virat. Why did I do that? Pakhi asks. If Virat is correct, you did initiate a case. You must have comprehended the notice because you are a police officer, according to Pakhi. How can you accuse Sai of such a trivial offense? Asks Virat. Pakhi claims I made the correct decision given the circumstances, but I know the suffering I’ve endured. Virat claims I authorized Sai to remove your uterus when I signed the relevant documents. Pakhi then continues. In front of everyone, Virat requests Pakhi to return the case downstairs. Why would I ask Pakhi? You granted your approval, but who suggested having my uterus removed?

Sai, according to Virat, did, but only because your perceptions were clouded, and our goal was to save you. After that operation, everything changed, according to Pakhi. Bhavani brought Sai into the house and has been treating her kindly ever since she learned I couldn’t give her the hier of this family. You are falling increasingly in love with Sai daily, and Vinu, who once believed Sai to be evil, has now agreed to celebrate Gudi Padwa with her. According to Pakhi, Sai always received what she wanted, but now she is interested in my husband and child, so I won’t stand by and do nothing. This is happening because I cannot become a mother. After all, I lack a uterus, Pakhi claims. Pakhi claims she shared a bed with you the night before. Stop it, Sai says; we were sleeping with our children in the middle; you have a problem with Vinu hugging me and sleeping; instead, you should be happy that your child is no longer afraid of anyone and is sleeping peacefully; and the next time before you criticize my character, think twice; Dr. is my identity, which you are trying to take away from me.

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As a wife, daughter-in-law, and mother, Pakhi claims she has lost everything. She claims she was always quiet because she believed that at least Vinu was with her, but now even he is leaving. Virat claims that Pakhi is irrational because of her unreasonable fear, driving everyone away. According to Pakhi, you’ll only state that. Virat claims that when everyone else gave up on you, Pulkit and Sai attempted to save you. The entire family stares at Pakhi in disbelief and rage. Because she has children with you and I am unable to have children because I lack a uterus, Pakhi claims Sai is acting very rudely. Pakhi is asked to withdraw the lawsuit by Virat. Pakhi says she will return it as long as Sai gives me back my identity—as your wife and Vishnu’s mother—and then leaves this neighborhood and home. Everyone is startled.

The episode is over.

As Satya is in charge of the investigation committee for the case against him, Sai stops to speak to him. Satya accuses Sai of operating on his relatives. Satya objects to Virat’s attempt to defend Sai.

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