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Sayuri observes Chaman’s action and expresses doubt in Woh Toh Hai Albelaa.

The current focus of Shaheer Sheikh and Hiba Nawab’s Woh Toh hai Albela, a popular show on Star Bharat, is dacoit Chaman’s entry into the Chaudhary mansion.  

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Woh Toh Hai Albelaa.

In the past, we have observed that Chaman tore the reports out of fear that Kanha would exit the house by herself. Saroj was forced to accede to Kanha’s request. When Sayuri informs Tingu of what transpired, she later discovers Chaman on the phone with someone. When Sayuri inquires about the subject of her conversation, Chaman responds that she frequently converses with herself. Rashmi thought through her next step and communicated with someone to help her.

When he discovered Chaman listening in on Saroj and Dadi Mausi, Nakul doubted her. Chaman is sent to servant accommodations by Sayuri and Kanha. Sayuri informs Chaman that she will remain in the staff accommodations in the future, to which Chaman responds angrily. In her dream, Chaman attempts to stab her with her hairpin.

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She then discovers that the kids require a caregiver and volunteers to step up. Sayuri and Kanha concur with her recommendation. She gleefully gives it to Tingu. Nakul was among the entire family who disagreed with the choice. Nakul was made aware of this by Sayuri in a confidential conversation. Sayuri answers Rashmi’s call even though Nakul ignores it.

The inspector asks her to visit Rashmi and brief her on the situation. Even though Nakul begs her not to, Sayuri runs into Rashmi in prison. Rashmi begs for another opportunity. Kanha presents Chaman to Kuku as his new caregiver. Kuku went live in his vlog with the kids to cheer up his attitude. Chaman joins the stream as well.

Rashmi begs Saroj to change, and when he refuses, Rashmi becomes utterly enraged. Kanha didn’t object when Sayuri told her about visiting Rashmi while she was imprisoned. Saroj informs Dadi Mausi that she must take this action for Kanha’s pleasure. When Sayuri arrives, she is supported and told it is not required.

Saroj’s pledge prevents her from opening it even though it turns out to be a DNA report. She is assisted in her task by Dadi Mausi, who also congratulates Saroj and confirms that Kiara is Kanha’s daughter. Saroj sighed in relief. As she went against him and obtained the report so that Kiara would receive the deserving affection from the family, Sayuri apologized to Kanha in her heart.

Chaman begs Kuku to give her her doll, but Kuku declines. Chaman storms up to Kuku and furiously grabs the object. She upsets Kuku by destroying her beauty. Sayuri observes the broken doll.

Kanha will reveal to Nakul in upcoming episodes that the video he recorded went viral. Hearing it makes Chaman pleased, and Nakul requests that Kanha also show it to him. Sayuri sees it after Chaman diverts Nakul’s focus from it.

Chaman tells Tingu what transpired. Chaman panics when Tingu explains that anyone can view the footage on any phone. Sayuri informs Kanta that she has something to say to him.

Will Chaman cause Kanha and Sayuri to split apart? Will Rashmi be disciplined?

The forthcoming episodes will address each of these queries.

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