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Woh Toh Hai Albela 1 February 2023 Written Episode Update: Sayuri Pretends Love Vikrant

Woh Toh Hai Albela 1 February 2023 Written Episode, Written Replace.

Vikrant assures Sayuri that he’ll enjoy his future wife’s surprise. In Woh Toh Hai Albela, Sayuri invites him inside. Where’s the shock, Vikrant? Sayuri sits him down and says she’ll come. She asks the woman if she can’t sleep. She goes to the kitchen and thinks I’ve blocked Vikrant from getting to that room, but I’ll surprise him, or he’ll become confused. Sayuri claims he’s untrustworthy and unpredictable. Kanha drives and says Sayuri is unavoidable. He cannot see her suffering or powerlessness. He promises to fight the world and take her home. I don’t have proof, but I know you’re unhappy there. He promises to retake you. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

It stops the car when he sees anybody. Vikrant honks and sees Sayuri holding the youngster. He will get down and ask what are you doing here? I used to come to you. Sayuri: I used to go to you. Kanha questioned why I wasn’t determined. Sayuri says I can overlook everything but you. She asks him to leave with the child. Maintain her, more significant than your life, and leave. Sayuri falls, and he yells. His nightmare, perhaps. Kanha wakes up and wonders if the dream child is the same one she met today. What does this dream mean?

Vikrant begs Sayuri to carry the shock.

Sayuri says I’m coming and considers it a gift. She informs Kuku. Kuku and Sayuri sit before Vikrant clutching palm flowers. Sayuri says, “I told you that the shock may be minor, but the feelings behind it’s huge,” she thanks him for loving and caring for them, thanks for being you, and says you’re a great husband and parent. She thanks the home light man for us. Vikrant gets emotional and says he can’t handle it.

He hugs her and says that everyone’s future isn’t as good as mine, that he’ll make their lives happy, and that any trouble they face is his. Sayuri says I’m so glad since our marriage’s first ritual, the mehendi ceremony, started today. Tomorrow will be more ceremonies, and your love will grow. She said it was wrong that you had no ritual today. Therefore I thought Kuku, you, and I would dance tonight. Vikrant adds another surprise.

Kanha promises to meet the infant if Yash comes. Yash thinks it’s too risky. Kanha is agitated and recounts his nightmare, in which Sayuri told him about a child. I must go there, and Yash must return. Yash says I’d have come, but Kusum is upset with me because I don’t spend time with her, so I vow to attend our society’s Republic Day celebration. Okay, Kanha says. I’ll get child-meeting advice. Rashmi wonders. What are you doing here? Kanha claims he left for water.

Kuku and Sayuri play and dance to the music pallu latke

Vikrant likes their dance. Sayuri joins him. Vikrant dances Kuku. Sayuri believes she must speak to him appropriately and rejoice since she has no other choice. She says if he’s delighted, he’ll distrust me less, and I may go to Kanha without wasting my daughter. Vikrant urges Sayuri to make Kuku sleep so we can pair dance. He promises drinks. Sayuri thanks Kuku for her help and says Mamma will take over. She prays to Krishna ji for help, saying she won’t let this man near her. Rashmi asks Kanha if he’s good because you and Nakul’re fine. I’m glad, Kanha says. Rashmi says I’m happy, I did mannats for today. She says I swore in helplessness when the issue couldn’t be fixed.

What claims, Kanha? First, tell Rashmi you won’t tell Nakul. Kanha agrees. Rashmi says she swore on Nakul to help you, and he swore on Arjun. Kanha says that means his actions are related to the swear and to make our relationship worse. Rashmi says she tries to make everything good. Kanha says strained relationships are worthless. Rashmi thinks you’ll be glad you’re brothers now. She requests he not tell Nakul. Okay, he sleeps. Rashmi believes you wanted to steal my Nakul, but I’m here.

Sayuri involves Vikrant. Vikrant gives her the drink for Mrs. and Mr. Desai’s happy existence. Sayuri says, “I drink less.” He drinks and dances with her. Sayuri smiles and dances with him reluctantly. Sayuri envisions Kanha dancing. Music continues. Jeeraha hun. Vikrant kisses Sayuri. Sayuri likes you. Vikrant says I like you. Sayuri looks at him and loses her smile.

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