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Why did Dr. Bhujang Shetty die? Dr. Bhujang Shetty, a well-known ophthalmologist, has passed away.

A distinguished ophthalmologist and the chairman of Narayana Nethralaya. A heart attack claimed Dr. Shetty’s life. The residents of Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, were shocked to hear of his passing. On Friday night, he breathed his last. He has received numerous honours throughout his career and has been dubbed a “Legend in Opthalmology.”In this piece,

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At the age of 69, Dr. Shetty passed away. He reportedly experienced chest trouble following his discharge from the hospital. He had a heart attack and was taken into a private hospital in Yeshwantpur. . His honest efforts allowed the super specialty eye Hospital Narayana Nethralaya, which was formerly just an eye clinic, to be changed. He was honoured with the prestigious Times Health Care Achievers Award in 2018 and the Rajyotsava Award in 2010. The medical community is paying tribute to him and lamenting the loss of his untimely passing since he represented hope for the populace.

Why did Dr. Bhujang Shetty die?

Sharing the life story of the well-known doctor, who was a modest and down to earth individual, would be an honour. His father owned a grocery store in the area where Dr. K. Bhujang Shetty was born, which is close to Kundapur. Dr. Shatty relocated to Banglore to finish his graduate studies. In 1978, he graduated from Bangalore Medical College with an MBBS degree. After that, he finished his internship at Bangalore Medical College’s Minto Ophthalmic Hospital. According to the people who knew him, he was an extremely caring and spiritual person.

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Dr. Shetty leaves behind his wife, Mrs. Rajkamal Shetty, as well as a son and a daughter. His passing is being lamented by his family.In addition to the important awards we’ve already talked about, he also received the “Kempogowda Prashashte,” “Prof. Dr. K Subramanian Oration Award,” “Dr. A K Grover Oration Award,” “Mrs. T. For his work in ophthalmology, He also wrote the outstanding book “The Power of Love,” which serves as an inspiration for daily life. We also express our sincere gratitude to the well-known individual.

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