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Why did Allam Appa Rao die? Allam Appa Rao, a former vice chancellor of JNTU-K, has died.

We announce the loss of Allam Appa Rao, former principal of the Andhra University College of Engineering (AUCE) and vice chancellor of JNTU-Kakinada, with great sadness and grief. The world lost a visionary leader who had contributed so much while they were sleeping. According to accounts, the renowned man Allam Appa Rao had a heart attack while he was asleep. His passing has startled the public and the academics, who are paying tribute to him and sending their sympathies to the family. His untimely death has shocked his loved ones. When he died, he was in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. We are giving you all the details regarding his life story and the circumstances surrounding his passing.

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Appa Rao reportedly died on Saturday in the United States while he was sleeping. He had reportedly traveled to Dallas, USA, to see his daughter, according to the sources. He had no serious medical conditions and was in good health. After going for a morning walk, he returned worn out and went to bed. The family eventually came to the conclusion that he had passed away. The folks were stunned by Appa Rao’s untimely death while outside of his hometown. His passing has devastated and grieved his family, friends, and coworkers. His wife Nagamani, son, and daughter all survived him. Although his family is currently residing in Hyderabad, he is originally from Visakhapatnam.

Why did Allam Appa Rao die?

In terms of Prof. Appa Rao’s accomplishments, he was appointed as the first Vice-Chancellor of JNTUK University Kakinada in 2008. The possessor of numerous computer-related degrees completed his PhD in computer engineering in 1984. At Andhra University, he held the position of Principal of the Autonomous Engineering College. He then took on the position of Vice-Chancellor of JNTUK University Kakinada. He was a diligent worker with leadership skills. To his family, friends, and anyone close to him, he was a really genuine individual.

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He talked on many educational programs while frequently traveling to other nations. On numerous international stages, he spoke for his nation. His untimely passing has crushed his family and friends. A lot of well-known persons, including Vice-Chancellor of JNTUK Professor GVR Prasadaraju, are expressing their deepest sympathies to the family for this tragic loss. He made a contribution to the world, which will live on in memory. Our sincere condolences go out to him.

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