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Who Is Boris Richard Jr? Man from Louisiana is detained after sharing videos of corpses

Breaking news about a man from Louisiana who did something unexpected. The Smith Funeral Home is where this incident took place. He was detained for visiting a funeral home without authorization and posting videos of corpses on Facetime. The police are holding him after filming a video in the funeral home. People are interested in this man’s background after this incident. Where does he come from? Who is he called? What occurred in the funeral home? After this incident, several questions have been raised. On the internet, this news is becoming more popular. Continue reading this essay until the end to learn more about this individual. Let’s examine it closely.  Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

A Louisiana guy from Monroe was detained for breaking into a funeral home without permission. Boris Richard is his name. He is a man aged 21. He is a Louisiana resident. The event reportedly occurred on April 7 at the Smith Funeral Home in Monroe, Ouachita Parish. With a pal, Boris Richard underwent autopsies. He was recording disturbing videos of dead bodies. Only 10 kilometers separate Boris Richard’s home from the funeral home. He illegally entered the funeral home. He began recording the “several corpses” as soon as he entered the funeral house. On his mobile device, he was recording. According to the sources, his “known person” on Facetime was the recipient of the unsettling recordings he was sending.

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Who Is Boris Richard Jr?

He was detained on April 10 following this incident on April 7. He was accused of breaking into the funeral home without permission. He entered the funeral home without requesting permission from the authorities. The Monroe Police Department reports that Boris Richard arrived between 11:00 and 12:00. Many Corpses were displayed when he entered the funeral home. He was showing many corpses beside a friend. The victim claimed that the man videotaped numerous bodies on his mobile. Furthermore, Boris Richard was not a funeral home office employee. He wasn’t working there at all. He was also cautioned about going into the embossing room uninvited.

He is currently being held by the police, according to the reports. He was supposed to appear in court on April 12 after they had imprisoned him. Additionally, his hearing was moved until May 18. Megan Hess and her mother, Shirley Koch, are among those he is allegedly after, according to the Monroe Police Department. Megan Hess and her mother, Shirley Koch, own a funeral home in Colorado. For trafficking hundreds of bodies, Megan Hess and her mother were both taken into custody. Both of them sell the bodies to the medical division. 48 Megan Hess. According to reports, Hess sold a person’s golden teeth and made $40,000. To deal copses with the families’ permission, they have a sizable gang. They make a lot of rupees through this procedure.

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