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Who Was Anil Dujana? The ‘Chhota Shakeel’ Killed by Police in Western UP

A dangerous gangster was slain in a confrontation, breaking good news. Anil Dujana was the thug who lost his life in the fight. He was killed in an altercation with UP police. The information has gone viral. On the internet, a lot of people are talking about this news. The interest in Anil Dujana is snowballing. Everyone is immensely relieved by the news that violent gangster Anil Dujana was killed in a confrontation. His tentacles covered the entire scene. This time, the news story is featured in the channel’s headline.

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Gangster Anil Dujana is incredibly dangerous. His terror was felt widely. The sources claim he passed away on Thursday during a police interaction in the UP. He was facing numerous counts. More than 60 criminal cases included him. And he committed over 18 killings. He encircled Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR, and Haryana with his tentacles. According to accounts, he was primarily known as “Chhota Shakeel.” He was an Uttar Pradesh Chhota Shakeel. On May 4, 2023, UP police engaged him in combat and killed him. His criminal history was extensive.

Who Was Anil Dujana?

Sources claim that the police department freed him from Tihar Jail. On April 10, 2023, he was released from Tihar Jail. When Anil Dujana was released from Tihar jail and began to testify against him, he began to fear and panic. After being released from Tihar Jail, he continued to commit crimes; nevertheless, he recently passed away in an encounter. For those who testified against Anil, the news is welcome. STF Amitabh Yash reportedly announced mobster Anil Dujana’s demise. He informed the media that Anil had passed away in a confrontation. On Thursday, Amitabh Yash made this announcement.

His real name, according to the sources, was Anil Nagar. He was a resident of the Dadri neighborhood of Greater Noida’s Dujana village. He covered all of western Uttar Pradesh with his network. He is not the only thug in Uttar Pradesh who instills fear. Additionally, a case was brought against him for threatening witnesses after he was released from Tihar prison. He was the target of hundreds of issues, including ones for murder, robbery, theft, vandalism, threatening to kill, and many others. He was the gangster’s preferred choice.

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