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Who Is Tillu Tajpuriya, the Gangster? Rival Gang Members Killed in Tihar Court Shootout in Delhi

Gangster Tillu Tejpuria, the leader of the Tillu gang and a participant in the murder of Jitendra Gogi, the head of the Gogi gang, was assassinated at Tihar Jail. The 33-year-old Tillu was murdered by his fellow inmates from his rival organization, “Gogi,” in prison. Tillu Tejpuria, known as Sunil Mann, has been a prolific criminal behind bars since 2015. The thug was reportedly imprisoned at Tihar’s Mandoli Jail. Is there any connection between his death and the slaying of Atik? ‘Sunny,’ one of the murderers who killed Atik and Ashraf, reportedly kept in touch with Tillu Tejpuria. The complete information that we have gathered will be shared.

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According to the police, Rajesh and Riyaj Khan assisted Yogesh Tunda and Deepak Titar in killing Tillu. Armed with iron rods and with police knowledge, the attackers struck. The jail staff also disclosed that Tillu was attacked by his fellow inmates at about 6.15 am while he was residing on the ground floor of the high-risk ward. The first floor of the same control housed the four males. Early in the morning, the four guys cut the rods of the security grill of their ward to escape. They then used a bedsheet to help them jump to the ground floor, where they cut the grill of Tillu’s high-security ward to gain entry.

Who Is Tillu Tajpuriya, the Gangster?

After being taken to Central Jail opd, Tillu Tejpuria was taken to DDU Hospital, where he passed away. Police are still looking into the matter. The police claim that Tillu and Gogi had been rivals for a decade. And for ten years, the gang war has resulted in the murder of over twenty persons. According to the sources, Tillu kept committing his crimes even in jail. Some signs link this murder to the Atik slaying, as Sunny, who killed Atik, was related to Jitender Gogi, who gave Sunny the Jigana gun to kill Tillu. However, Gogi was afterward assassinated in Rohini court by Tillu’s men.

According to the sources, Tillu and Gogi once knew each other and were residents of Tejpur and Allipur, respectively. After student union elections in a Delhi college, the two became hostile, which developed into a rivalry. The authorities use all reasonable assumptions to find connections to this crime. The public is also questioning the security methods of Tihar Jail. Let’s wait and see what emerges from additional research.

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