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Who is Ken Deland? Missing French Student: What Happened to Him?

This post will frightening and educational at the same time because social media platforms are currently flood with news about a particular kid from New York who is thought to Ken Deland missing a report from France. The student’s family is distraught and anxiously awaiting their child’s return. So please read the entire article to learn more about the situation in the South of France. For the most recent information on breaking news, keep checking the Yojanashakti website.

Who Is Ken Deland?

The child is a boy name Ken DeLand. The youngster, an American college student, vanished in France while trying to continue his education abroad. The subject of his age came up during the talk; Ken Deland is 21. The boy has been missing in France for the past few weeks. But police have been working hard to locate him. The boy’s parents are concerned about their son’s disappearance. Since he left to study overseas at the beginning of last month.

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We have all felt the suffering that comes with a family missing or disappearing. According to the family members, they last had contact with their son on November 27 via WhatsApp. The family has also decided to take the initiative to launch an online portal. So that they can gather information about their son disappearance in case anyone with information about him is interested in contacting them via this site.

His father indicated that the last time the child called was on November 30 and that at that time, police were in contact with his family. After contacting his parents, the boy proceeded to the train station to travel to Valence, France. During a conversation, Ken Deland revealed that he had sports an orange jacket, blue jeans, a black backpack, and sneakers on his previous visit.

He went abroad to study and attended the University of Grenoble Alpes. Which is well-known worldwide for individuals who want to finish their degrees abroad as students of the American Institute for Foreign Studies. The entire department was inconsolable when it was discover that Ken Deland had missing for a month. We pray for his speedy return and send our deepest sympathies to his loved ones.

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