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What caused Ben Dudley’s death? Bristol University’s hockey coach has passed away.

The sudden passing of highly well-known coach Ben Dudley must be announced with great sadness. He used to play and instruct hockey and is no longer among his close friends. His passing was just announced on the internet, and as soon as the word spread on social media, untold reactions began making headlines online. Since a valued member of the sports world passed away, the news is highly upsetting.

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Many people want to learn more about Ben Dudley and how he died. At Bristol University, Ben Dudley was a highly skilled and well-respected hockey coach and a former player representing England’s Under-18 squad. He was a highly admirable man known for his abilities and generosity. He loved the game and was quite passionate about it. He was an excellent friend, coach, father, and husband. He was an extremely prosperous man.

What caused Ben Dudley’s death?

Ben Dudley, a former hockey player for the England Under-18 team, is no longer among his family and friends after his death at 31. Ian Cordwell, the University of Bath Hockey Development Manager, reported his passing on Twitter. Numerous individuals must be interested in learning the cause of his death since the news surfaced online. According to the article, the instructor died after a brave battle with cancer.

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Ben called Gloucestershire home. He received a diagnosis from the hospital on July 12. The following day, Ruben, his first child, was born. His loved ones will always miss him since he was a devoted parent, husband, son, and friend. Many people have been heartbroken by his loss since the news spread online because no one anticipated that he would pass away at such a young age.

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