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Watch Online The Top 6 Neha Gupta Web Series With The Ullu App

Beginning in 2023, Neha Gupta is unquestionably in charge of the sector. The Pehredaar web sitcom on the Prime play app launched the actress into popularity. She keeps developing thanks to numerous web series on various platforms.

Here is a list of the top Neha Gupta web series available for streaming across various platforms. In the first week of January 2023, the actress also participated in the inaugural Ullu web series. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Web Series Pehredaar – Primeplay App

She has long involved in the regional OTT market. She gained notoriety, nevertheless, after appearing in the Pehredaar web series with Jaishree Gaikwad and Shyna Khatri. Watch the Deepak Dutt Sharma, Jaishree Gaikwad, and Neha triangle romance.

Web series I Love You – Ullu App

In the online series I Love You Ullu, Neha portrayed one of the lead actresses. The family-centered comic drama is follow in the online series. Two buddies fall in love with the same girl, and one of them begins an affair with the mother and sister of the other.

Charamsukh Tapan – Ullu App Web Series

In the Charamsukh Tapan online serial, Neha has a significant role. The web series centers on the family’s dysfunctional connection. Neha Gupta, Kajal Jha, and Noor Malabika were cast in the Charamukh Tapan web series.

Web Series by Charamsukh Majboori – Ullu App

One of Neha Gupta’s earliest works appeared in the Charamsukh Majboori online series, an additional Ullu web series. She portrayed a daughter who used extortion to force her stepfather into a relationship. It was the first time Neha Gupta and the Ullu web series worked together.

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Voovi App’s ATM Bhabhi Web Series

She also contributed to the online series ATM Bhabhi directed by SSK. While Aliya Naaz portrayed the leading role in the web series, Neha Gupta and Noor Malabika delivered respectable swoon-worthy performances.

Ullu App’s Dil Do Web Series

Neha Gupta also had a minor role in the Ullu online series Dil Do, which had just release. Actress Taniya Chatterjee portrayed the main character in the web series. But Neha Gupta, who played a theatrical character, stole the show.

As an actress, Neha Gupta is pure gold, and we look forward to seeing her in numerous upcoming web series on various platforms.

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