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Update for the February 5th, 2023, written episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein: Surprise for Nayan

Written episode of Yeh Hai Chahatein is to air in 5 February 2023

Revati arranges a muh dikhayi ceremony for Nayan and requests that Sam act appropriately in front of the media. Nayan descends wearing a different sari than Sam did. Sam becomes furious upon seeing that. Nayan queries whether she is making an effort as this sari is superior to his chosen sari. Sam hugs her and informs her that she will receive numerous costume adjustments because she looks lovely in anything she wears. Nayan is aggravate. Revati claims to be giving Nayan the most expensive piece of diamond jewellery in their collection. Sam provides the field with a blank signal. Revati declares with shock that a diamond necklace is within. Sam tells her to calm down because she should have stored it somewhere. Nayan asks Malati to do the ceremony till she can walk upstairs and look around. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!

She then apologizes after bumping into Malati. A diamond necklace spills out of Malati’s purse and falls to the ground. Nayan runs over and inquires about her well-being. Revati selects a necklace, identifies it as the one she is referring to, and then charges Malati with stealing it. Malati claims she has no idea how this necklace ended up in her purse. Revati recalled putting the necklace in Malati’s purse and making plans to embarrass Malati as payback for Nayan’s treatment of her. Yeh Hai Chahatein, Even though Malati is destitute, she claims she shouldn’t have stolen a necklace from her own daughter’s house.

When she acknowledges that she did not steal the jewellery, Nayan questions why she is accusing her mother. Sam begs Revati to stop shaming his MIL because he knows she doesn’t even need to eat right; he can give her ten of these necklaces instead. He urges Malati to accept her crime. Malati shouts out that she didn’t steal and that someone is luring her. Sam tells her to stop lying and take responsibility for her crime.

When Nayan claims that someone is trying to seduce her, Virat is accuse by Nayan of conspiring against his mother, and Nayan requests him to stop. Revati tells her to stop making false charges and reminds her that Samrat married her despite her unattractive appearance and arrogant personality. in Yeh Hai Chahatein episod, As Nayan proceeds to describe how Samrat and Revati attempted to harm Mohit and Ishani’s lives, among other things, she refers to Samrat as a monster who has no regard for women.

When a lady arrives, she promises her spouse won’t be a monster. The media ask her if she is Samrat’s wife. The girl claims to be Samrat’s ex-wife, and she came here to congratulate him on his second marriage after learning of it. In episode, Yeh Hai Chahatein She requests that the media leave to give them some privacy if they have already received their response. Revati orders the staff to remove the press and friends.

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Sam will become enraged with his ex-wife and question why she arrived right here. Revati accompanies Seema and declares they must leave Samrat and his ex-wife alone. Malati bemoans the fact that she hasn’t yet accused of theft and expresses concern about Nayan. She is sent in an automobile after Nayan request her not to worry about her. She then yells at Prem to stop when she sees him running in the direction of a pet and a speeding cab coming toward him.

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