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The family compliments Jeevika’s cooking in the written update for Agnisakshi from March 23, 2023.

Rajnandini tells Jeevika at the beginning of the episode not to worry about such a minor thing. She will soon place the meal order. Jeevika disputes it, saying she doesn’t feel well. What excellent meals has Jeevika made for them, wonders Narayanan. He hears the selection from Jeevika. Narayanan is eager to try her home-cooked meals. Let’s have brunch together, he says. Rajnandini informs her that Narayanan appears keen to sample the cuisine. She accidentally told him her favorite meal menu, according to Rajnandini. She’ll place the same purchase. Jeevika says to her that she can prepare that. She’ll get started on it shortly. She was forbidden from cooking by Rajnandini, who placed their order instead. She says that she fully understands everyone in this house’s taste. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

Jeevika feels uneasy as she considers it. She is seen by Satvik, who approaches her. He expresses regret to her for neglecting her. She kept going famished yesterday as a result of her. Jeevika tells him that he is to blame for everything. He ignores his health in favor of running a company. Despite having a big kitchen in his home, he frequently needs more food. He risks getting sick if he prioritizes his work in that way while missing meals. Everyone consumes to satisfy their hunger, but they skip meals in the name of their diet. Satvik grabs her hand to get her to stop yelling at him.

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According to Satvik, a mute Jeevika continuously yelled at him. What’s troubling her, he queries. She inquires as to whether he has an answer to her issue. He gave her a gesture. Later, Ruhi laments to Rajnandini about how her scheme was foiled. She shouldn’t have told Jeevika which foods everyone enjoyed. Rajnandini informs her that she caused Jeevika a significant issue. Although she didn’t have time to prepare, she gave Jeevika a list of everyone’s favorite foods. She presents Jeevika with a problem while claiming to have a solution. She cancels the order and requests the delivery boy to keep the money. Ruhi respects Rajnandini’s strategy. Rajnandini informs her that it is impossible to ascertain what is going through her thoughts.

It’s a particular day, Latha tells her family. For them, my daughter-in-law made brunch. Let’s see if she manages to carve out a specific spot in everyone’s heart for herself. Everyone receives meal service from servers. Rajnandini wonders how Jeevika managed to organize the meals so quickly. To find out if the purchase has been canceled or not, she makes a call to the delivery boy. Everyone, according to Ruhi, will be upset about the food’s flavor. Rajnandini anticipates Narayanan’s response. She is shocked to hear everyone laud Jeevika’s cuisine. Rajnandini makes a show of praising Jeevika for introducing cuisine to Marathi for them. Ruhi suggests that she might request food from a delivery service.

Latha claims to be a native daughter-in-law of the Marathi language. She differs from her sibling and Ruhi. Rajnandini enjoyed her after tasting the cuisine. Ruhi claims she is unable to consume this cuisine. Jeevika is invited to join Satvik at the table to dine. His teasing by Shlok. Ruhi angers Rajnandini toward them. Narayanan tells Jeevika that if she joins them for dinner, Satvik and everyone else will be content. Satvik excuses them from making a phone call. She adheres to his heels. She remembers how Satvik assisted Jeevika in making brunch for everyone. He respects her for the manner he prepared their meals. She appreciates how he supported her. She allows him to sample the cuisine. He mocks her first before complimenting her taste. Later, Satvik pretends to cough to catch her eye. She tells him she was waiting to praise him when he returned his phone. Is he interested in drawing? she queries. He gave her a gesture. He is thanked for his assistance.

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