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The Antibacterial Mousepad from ASUS is Unique

Mouse pads, like all other PC accessories, are crucial for your work on your computer. Mousepads appear in various styles and materials, each with a specific function. The conventional mousepad has a rubber base and a surface made of cloth or plastic that gives the mouse a consistent and smooth tracking surface. The larger surface area and textured surface of gaming mousepads, on the other hand, frequently provide better tracking and control for players. Additionally, some mousepads have ergonomic shapes that support the wrists and lessen fatigue from prolonged use. However, ASUS went one step further with a recent introduction.

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The newest addition to ASUS’s ProArt mouse pad lineup was recently revealed. The A4 variant costs 299 yuan ($43.46), which is a fair price, while the A3 model costs 399 yuan ($58). The borderless design and sleek fabric surface of the professional-grade mouse pad ensure maximum precision for all tasks. Additionally, the pad’s top has a magnetic area that makes finding tiny metal objects or wires simple. By reducing 99% of bacterial adsorption, the ASUS antibacterial material used in the cushion ensures a hygienic workplace. The pad’s non-slip bottom design guarantees a secure grip on any surface and the bottom doubles as a standard grey card for accurate white balance calibration of cameras. ProArt mouse pads in the A3 and A4 sizes, measuring 297 x 420 mm and 210 x 297 mm, respectively, are presently offered for purchase.

The value of a good mousepad lies in its capacity to increase the mouse’s accuracy and precision, which can considerably boost performance and productivity for activities like gaming or graphic design. A mousepad can also shield the desk or table’s surface from dings and scrapes the mouse brings. Given how few mouse mats have the features mentioned, the new ASUS mousepad is unquestionably a clever move.

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