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Who Is Sumer Merchant? A 23-year-old suspect in the Rajalaxmi Ram Krishnan accident fatality case has been taken into custody.

Shock waves emanate from Worli, Mumbai, the scene of a fatal mishap on March 19, 2023, on Sunday. According to the reports, Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan was the victim who perished in the Worli auto mishap. Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan: who was he? According to her LinkedIn page, Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan ran in the Tata Mumbai Marathon. Regrettably, Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan is no longer with us after passing away in a tragic mishap.

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Who Is Sumer Merchant?

What led up to the mishap that injured Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan? The culprit is who? According to accounts, Summer Merchant is the name of the suspect who was detained following the accident on the road. Netizens are eager to have many queries answered. So, we are providing you with this piece. We have arrived at this conclusion after extensive research. We have now addressed all the crucial issues raised by this tale. Continue reading and be sticky with this content. Look at the parts after you scroll down the page.

According to the source, Sumer Merchant was dropping off his companions at Shivaji Park in their Tata Nexon Car as they were returning from a night of partying. According to sources, the Tata Nexon struck Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan at a fast rate of speed. The high speed might have caused the mishap. As previously stated, the incident occurred Sunday morning while the victim, Rajalakshmi, was running at Worli Sea Face. Summer Merchant’s Tata Nexon struck her and caused her to fly several feet away. Rajalakshmi died at the site due to the collision’s fatal impact.

Regarding the deceased, Rajalakshmi Vijay Ramakrishnan was 58 years old and was the head of her own private company. Under Section 304 of the IPC and other pertinent provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, a case has been filed against Sumer Merchant. The age of Sumer Merchant is 23. The driver of the Tata Nexon, named Sumer Merchant, has been charged with a culpable homicide that does not amount to murder by Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code and other provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, according to Joint Commissioner of Police Satyanarayan Chaudhary.

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