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Watch the viral video of Khloe BBNaija as Star speaks out about the allegedly leaked bedroom footage.

A viral video featuring Khloe BBNaija has lately made headlines. The movie is popular on the internet as a whole. It claims a clip of her bedroom from a film was somehow leaked. Although the video’s origin is unknown, it is popular and widely shared. Khloe is upset about the exposure of this footage. She even posts the announcement to her social media accounts. She re-enters the spotlight with her remark. Her statement has shocked many people, and some don’t think models like her can utter such things. Viral Video: Khloe PBB Naija’s exposed bedroom video

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Khloe Abrir is another name for Victoria Abiri Oluwabusayo. She was born in Nigeria’s Lagos State. She was a native of the southwest region of the nation, Ekiti State. She was a fashion designer in addition to being a model. Khloe joined the cast of Big Brother Naija in 2018 as a contestant. Khloe becomes quite famous as a result of the program. Her participation in numerous pageants and modeling competitions also contributes to her rise to fame in the business. Khloe was a candidate in the 2013 Miss Global Nigeria competition, which Michelle Udoka ultimately won.

Watch the viral video of Khloe BBNaija

Due to her bedroom tape getting viral online, Khloe Abiri, an ex-housemate of BBNaija, has been among the top searches. Many claims that the woman in the video is a different person. Khloe reacts on her social media accounts as well. She refuted the claim that she appeared in the film. She remarked that it wasn’t as if she was a nun, so what was the big deal if she was in the movie? Even though she is unfortunately not in that video, she also questions why she would post an adult film on a blog when she could post it on an adult website and profit from it.

She made her remark on Snapchat, one of the social media platforms. She also warns that sharing her video online will kill the individual, his family, and himself. The populace is shocked by statements of this nature. She also stressed that although she was very calm, she could turn demonic if someone tried to get on her wrong side. People are shocked that she can go to such lengths to endanger someone’s life and the lives of their loved ones.

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