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Sonam will try to kill Shivam, according to Saavi Ki Savaari!

Spoilers for Saavi Ki Savaari, Upcoming News, Current Rumors, Future Story, and Upcoming Twist Colors Samridhi Shukla play Saavi in the television series Saavi Ki Savaari, and Farman Haider plays Nityam. The girl who drives a car to take care of her family is the subject of this tale. Now that Saavi is aware of Nityam’s affection for her, it will be intriguing to see what transpires in the upcoming episodes. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!

Nityam previously told Sonam that Saavi could not become his life partner under any circumstances because Saavi was unaware of him, his passion, and many other things. In Saavi Ki Savaari, He admitted that although the E-rickshaw initiative is not why he is leaving the relationship, he will undoubtedly do so at some point. Hearing him left Saavi in pieces.

She sobbed on the terrace and took down the ornaments. When Nityam arrived, he questioned her about why she had phoned. She just stated that she wanted to have supper with him. The balloon with her love letter caught his attention. He made an effort to view it. Saavi shouted at him for attempting to view additional private information.

He then departed. She tore it. Sonam informed Saavi of Nityam’s choice. She needed some time to reflect, according to Saavi. Sonam announced that she was feeling better and departed for the Goyal residence.

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Intoxicated Sonam will attempt to murder Shivam in the forthcoming episode. When Saavi sees Vedika in the city, she will follow her. Vedika rushes away from Saavi without noticing a car approaching.

Will an automobile strike Vedika? Shivam, what happened to him?

The upcoming episodes will address each of these queries.

Stay tuned to this site to discover what happens next in your favorite program Saavi Ki Savaari.

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