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Shiv Sena leader Sudhir Suri was Slain at a Protest in Punjab

Shiv Sena Leader Sudhir Suri was shot and killed during a protest in Punjab, and the footage quickly went viral

Shiv Sena, a political party leader, died while participating in a demonstration in Amritsar, Punjab, on Friday, November 4, 2022. According to sources, Sudhir Suri was killed while participating in a protest against the temple administrators. According to the reports, Sudhir Suri attended the Sikh community’s protest against the temple’s administrators. He was sent to the closest hospital following the tragedy. But the medical staff declare him dead there. As soon as it was practical for them to do so after the incident, the residents notified the police.

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How did Sudhir Suri fare?

He passed away while participating in a protest in Amritsar, Punjab, on November 4, 2022. He had been standing with the Sikh community’s protests against the temple’s leadership. The reports state that Sudhir pass away after shot. The situation grew more complicated when some people wanted to find the man who shot Sudhir. After the incident, those who knew Sudhir a little and the members of his political party took him to the closest hospital, but the doctors declared him dead as soon as he was there. The Sikh community protested the temple’s administration in Sudhir after discovering that rubbish was outside the temple’s grounds.

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Sudhir Suri: Who Was He?

The tragic death of Sudhir Suri has recently taken center stage in all media attention. There is no personal information available about Sudhir. The political group, Shiv Sena of Amritsar, Punjab, is report to have had Sudhir as its leader. He had participated in the demonstration to support the Sikh community, holding the rally outside the temple.

Sudhir Suri has never violated anyone’s rights because of his political beliefs. He had participated in the Punjabi protest, which ultimately caused him to pass away. Although Sudhir did not use social media, he was one of the lawmakers who was quite knowledgeable about current events. For the most recent information on such news, continue to visit the Dekh News page.

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