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Rezky Aditya controversial video link becomes viral on Twitter and Reddit

Good day, readers. Many people have been curious about a video that purports to represent Rezky Aditya. We’ll do so to keep you guys updated on the issue and the individual that has been surfacing. The individual has a fruitful performing career and debuted in the industry in 2004 with a part in the drama Adam and Eve. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com for the latest updates!!!!!

He has produced some other movies, including Falling in Love Again, which is said to be his debut movie and earned a lot of praise and support. When his background is discussed, it will become clear that he is an AI Azhar Kemang Pratama High School graduate. Then he decided to continue his education by signing up for the industrial engineering program at the nearest university.

Rezky Aditya: Who Is He?

After that, on December 1, 2019, he married Citra Kirana. On August 28, 2020, the good news that they were expecting their son, Keene Attarrazaka Aditya, came up with both looking incredibly fortunate and content.

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Rezky Aditya’s Full Video Controversy Link

Rezky Aditya’s name recently started to arise in connection with a widely uploaded video, putting him in many controversies. If you’re wondering what the video is about, it has something to do with him. In that specific video, which caused a lot of controversies, he can be seen engaging in se*xual activity with unnamed women.

We will do our best to keep you informed because we are obligated to give you the latest information on hot topics. And now that the video has gained a lot of publicity, everyone is aware of him. We have yet to receive any other information, so we don’t know whether he has confirmed this. For additional details, follow us and stick with us.

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