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Reddit and Twitter Go Wild Over Jackson Mahomes Kissing Video!

Jackson Mahomes has recently, and today, gained much internet popularity. He plays quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL) and is a popular figure on social media with many followers. He appears in an upcoming video, and as a result, he has been detained and charged. Many of his fans and loved ones are concerned about him now that this news has surfaced and are interested in learning more about this incident. We provided all the details about him and this incident in this article.

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According to the sources and information, he was detained and is now being held on many charges. He was seen squeezing Vaughn by the neck twice in a CCTV video that was posted online. He kissed her hard, and she reported the event to the police. The police held him and accused him of being abusive after learning of the alleged occurrence of his giving her a hard kiss. His arrest occurred at the Johnson County Detention Centre at about 8:00 am, and his next court appearance is scheduled for May 11, 2023. On the news, this information is catching on like wildfire.

Video of Jackson Mahomes kissing

The waitress at the restaurant, Vaughn, was given two passionate kisses on the neck. She said he shoved her away, and the encounter left a bruise on her neck. She is a waitress at her place of business and is 19 years old. On February 25, this incident happened at Aspens Restaurant and Lounge in Overland Park. After his arrest, this incident gained publicity, and he is now being charged with one count of battery and three charges of aggravated sexual battery.

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He started making videos on social media in 2019, and his TikTok account attracted too much attention for his video content. In a short time, he quickly amassed a sizable following on social media. He posts videos about his lifestyle, including travel, fashion, fitness, and many other topics. He also serves as an influencer for numerous well-known firms. A video that chronicles the entire episode is also making the rounds online and getting many views consistently. Many people are commenting on this video and his detention on social media.

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