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Reddit and Twitter users made the Vivian Polania video popular

Some people continue to act in wrong ways despite knowing they should not. They continue to do it even if they know the results won’t be positive because they don’t give a damn. One such absurd and surprising event happened to a pick. Ingrid Polania She was in the news thanks to her latest viral video and strange behavior. Vivian Polania was suspended due to one of her actions, which was improper. The video is receiving a lot of attention on social media and sparking a lot of debate, which poses a threat to the chooser’s standing and employment. Please visit our website Yojanashakti for further details.

Vivian Polania Online Videos & Pictures

Because video has become so popular, people are now involve in it. They want to learn more about the choice and what she does. A Colombian candidate who was found to have post explicit photos of herself online will suspended for three months because of what will happen on November 16, 2022. Vivian Polania, a Colombian woman, was smoking a cigarette while lying in bed. Not only that but she is seen in the video with nothing but her underpants and half-na#ed. On top of that, she was set to speak during a virtual court hearing.

Who was Vivian Polania?

Everyone is talking about the video that was put online and asking that she receive a harsh punishment. Currently, rumors claim that she was suspend for three months. She was in bed in the viral video, even though she knew she was a witness in a virtual courtroom. According to the report, Vivian was found guilty by the Norte de Santander Judicial Disciplinary Fee on November 22, 2022. A judge who was suspend had broken numerous administrative rules.

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Vivian Polania: Wiki & Bio

After a video of the 34-year-old choosing to suspended last week went viral. It is enough to generate a tonne of commotion and heated debate. In June 2021, an automobile bombing in Cucuta, Colombia, was the subject of the hearing in the virtual courtroom. It was direct at a brigade of soldiers. According to the news website El Tiempo, Poland, turned off the camera for more than 57 minutes before the event.

Video of Vivian Polania

Even before she was investigate for posting Nsfw and racing photos of herself online. She performed a related activity. The prosecutors told the woman that they could watch her. Despite the Public Ministry getting in the way, Vivian Polania disconnected. When the cameras quit recording, she repeated the action.

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