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Ravi will rip Pratiksha marriage license, says Dharam Patni!

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The freshly released show Dharam Patni on Colors TV is a love-hate story about a straightforward, kind schoolteacher named Pratiksha Parekh and a business tycoon Ravi Randhawa. We are currently witnessing the engagement of Ravi and Kavya in front of their family. Ravi receives information about Pratiksha’s release on bail. He decides to spare her at no cost. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!

The previous episode showed Ravi and Kavya preparing for their wedding. Malhar and Pratiksha reach an agreement. At the engagement ceremony, the parents of Ravi and Kavya dance together.
The man Kinjal previously rejected tries to annoy her once more. When Pratiksha arrives, she responds to the man in a suitable manner. Then, that person walks away. Kinjal, Parul informed Pratiksha that she treated them like her children today. Ravi is trouble. Mandeep and Amaira inspire him to accept the engagement.

After getting Keerti’s approval, Ravi descends the steps. His hand is in Kavya. Ravi takes her hand away and says that this is the first time someone other than Keerti has held his hand. Kavya claims to comprehend Ravi’s predicament. Ravi receives an engagement ring from Kavya.

To put a ring on Kavya’s finger, Ravi goes. When Pratiksha bail was approv, Gulshan received a call. When Ravi learns the same, he becomes upset. He prepares to depart. By reminding him of Keerti’s vow, Mandeep stops him. Kavya and Ravi become engaged.

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Pratiksha gives someone her marriage card in the next episode. She reaches for it, and Ravi shreds the wedding invitation. Ravi informs Pratiksha that the bullet was shot by someone else and that vengeance is his as the assailant raises a gun to Pratiksha head.

Keep watching Dharam Patni on Colors TV, the Voot app, and this space to discover what happens next.

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