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Ravi and Pratiksha will perform pooja in Dharam Patni!

The well-liked program Dharam Patni on Colors TV is about the love-hate relationship between business magnate Ravi Randhawa and simple, sweet schoolteacher Pratiksha Parekh. It will be fascinating to see how two people from different social statuses and backgrounds ultimately meet and fall in love through marriage. In the prior episode, Pratiksha politely dealt with the women. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

Before Mata Parvati, Kinjal Pratiksha appears and gifts her with flowers. She is referred to as Parvati by an elderly lady who also blesses her. She is welcome to help Kinjal with her beautification. For Avinash, Renu likes Kinjal. Kinjal tells Pratiksha about the incident. Pratiksha tugs on her skirt. Pratiksha is mentioned by Kavya. Pratiksha is in Ravi’s memory. Pratiksha tongue-lashes Kavya. Kavya is asked to halt by Ravi. Kavya asks if he has any soft feelings for her. Ravi says that because Pratiksha killed his Keerti, her thoughts constantly torment him.

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Ravi questions why he keeps thinking about Pratiksha. Renu tells Hansa that she prefers Kinjal to Avinash. About Kinjal’s family, Renu enquires. She will learn more about Pratiksha and others from Hansa. There is an appeal for Renu. Due to her father’s double marriage, Hansa knows Renu turned down a partnership. Hansa resolves to keep Renu from learning about Pratiksha’s incident. Attended the Maha Shivaratri celebration are Ravi and Kavya. Pratiksha and Ravi exchange glances. Pratiksha notices the two people’s hand-holding.

Kavya’s hand is released by Ravi, who then walks over to her. The wedding invitation for Ravi and Kavya is given to Pandit in the upcoming show by Mandeep. For the puja, the Pandit instructs Kavya to position her dupatta. Mandeep asks what Kavya’s saree is made of. The Pandit claims that Kavya must have a dupatta on her head to lie down for the pooja. He applies the Tilak to Pratiksha and Ravi. He reports that the chief Pandit wishes Ravi and Pratiksha to perform the puja. Keep watching Dharam Patni on Colors TV, the Voot app, and this space to discover what occurs next.

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