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Rangili Hunt is a web series about the Hunt app.

You can watch every episode of a web series called “Hunt” in the Rangili language online. On December 9, 2022, the first three episodes of the comedy-drama show came out. In the first Hunt web series, fans fell in love with the story and the actors because they were so interesting.

Sana Khan, Arpita Dass, and Priti Khan chosen to play the main roles in the Rangili web series. Rangili is a six-part web series that lasts 20–25 minutes each.

You can watch the whole Rangili web series on the Hunt app. Pinky Darling and Kala Til, made by Hunt App, had Ayushi Jaiswal and Puja Poddar in the lead roles. If you want more update follow Yojanashakti.

Web Series Rangili Cast

  • Sana Khan
  • Deepak Raaj
  • Anup
  • Arpita Daas
  • Priti Khan
  • Sahil Tyagi
  • Sannawan Sahji

Rangili Web Series Story

The opening scene of the first episode of the Rangili web series shows a tailor shop in the middle of a village. Deepak Raaj, who works in a shop and is the series’ main character, introduced. In a very enticing manner, he began assessing the Bhabhi.

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His boss cut him off, and he then took part in the traditional way blouses measured. After the scene, Sana Khan, who plays the cool daughter of a tailor, is seen. When her mother told her to take the food to the store, she was in the shower.

In episode two of the Rangil web series, Sana Khan makes up a reason to meet the shop assistant. They adopted the title of “official F-buddy.” When Sana Khan had a passionate encounter there, her father wasn’t there, so she made plans to meet him there.

The director did a great job with the content on the local OTT platforms. His cameraman’s skills ensured that every romantic scene looked full of passion. In the Rangili web series, the actors didn’t hold back and didn’t leave anything to the viewers’ imaginations.

Sana Khan stands out because she has recently been in many projects on many local OTT platforms. Rangili is one of the best movies that Sana Khan and other directors have made. Sana Khan is one of the actresses who will be the most difficult to work with.

Rangili’s first three episodes have released, and Hunt says another exciting web series will be out next week. Fans are looking forward to the new Hunt web series and other web series with big names in them.

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