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Rabi Pirzada Age and Instagram Video Clip?

Following her accusations that her partner was responsible for the acid attack victim, Rabi Pirzada has returned to the press. When brought up the issue, it was claimed that Rabi Pirzada support her boyfriend without verifying the facts. Even though she had an intimate relationship with Arthur. The information that she uploaded a new photo to Instagram has spread. If you want more update follow Yojanashakti.

Leaked Video of Rabi Pirzada

A successful businesswoman and well-known TV personality are Rabi Pirzada. She belonged to the gang in the year 2021. In her blog, she expresses her sincere regret for the incident that went viral online and her condolences to the victim of Arthur and Arthur. After the announcement, the audio message from Rabi Pirzada that became popular online was reintroduce in the news. We require more information on this subject.

She was in a relationship with a man name Arthur. Who was later charge with acid assault and accused of hurting the woman. When an audio message from Pirzada appeared online and was view by millions worldwide, it brought the case to light. It has recently come to light that Rabi did not appreciate Arthur’s assistance. In a blog post, She claimed that she was aware of what was popular online and that she was

Be careful that her voice message was also widely discuss and distributed online. She states that she didn’t mean to do this. But she regrets the love she expressed to Arthur through her voice. In an Instagram post, She reveal that she was coerced into recording the voice. She added that her son was in danger and that she had to leave her life behind.

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According to Rabi Pirzada blog

she was coerced and threatened into making the audio in which she disparage Arthur’s victim Arthur and said the girl was only an obese thigh-high female. The people who were Arthur victims from Rabi were made to face these accusation. The voice on this message is Rabi Pirzada’s, she claims, and she is aware of this. The information is spreading across the internet.

The accusation that Sophie was a cunning girl was made in Rabi message on the tape post online. In her blog post, She said that Sophie, who Arthur attacked with acid, was an innocent girl and that she didn’t in any way think Sophie was ugly or silly. She also expressed her repentance for Arthur’s cruel deeds and said that as a victim. She understood the challenges that Arthur’s victims had to endure.

Then there was the ugly girl about whom Rabi Pirzada wrote. This woman claim that her remarks were force upon her and that she did not believe them. According to Rabi Pirzada, her sentiment in the audio message were push. And she disagreed with the language she employed. Sophie, Arthur’s victim, had a lot of bravery and beauty to be able to come up, according to Pirzada. The words use in the recording, according to Pirzada, were coerced out of her.

According to Rabi Pirzada, the information she provided in the viral video was false. And she chose to protect her family members because she was in grave danger. She was force to make the statement, which is why she uttered it. In addition, Rabi claims that she won’t go into much detail in this blog post because the judicial system forbids her from doing so. Rabi Pirzada also claimed that the audio had changed and that she had tricked into making the recording.

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