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We store your IP address and the browser’s user agent string when you leave a comment on our site. This data is used for anti-spam checks, site administration, and statistical analysis of user behavior. We also store your email address and profile photo if you post one.


Add photos to the site, but black out their locations first. If you don’t remove the location data from your photos, people can find out exactly where you were when you took the shot.


Alternatively, you can provide us with your contact details (name and email address) directly on the site. Because of this, you won’t have to re-enter this data at a later time. The cookie will keep this data for future use. The term “cookie” refers to the small file downloaded to your computer from a website. No sensitive information is stored in this cookie; it’s only used to keep track of your preferences as you navigate the page. When you post a comment on our site, a cookie will be created with your name and email address.

This is for your convenience, so you won’t have to enter this information again later. The cookies will be suitable for a year.

We store some cookies on your hard drive to keep track of your login information and display preferences. Cookies used for login expire after two days, whereas those used for customizing the user interface remain valid for a whole year. If you check the box labelled “Remember Me,” you can keep using the same credentials for another fourteen days. When you log out, the cookies that keep you logged in are removed.

Your browser will store an additional cookie if you edit or submit an article. No personal information is stored in this cookie; instead, it reveals the unique ID of the article you have just modified. Valid for today only.

To whom do we give your information?

Your IP address will be mentioned in the email instructing you how to reset your password.

How long do we keep your data?

All information and comments left by users are preserved indefinitely. This will ensure that all subsequent comments are read and approved without further delay from a moderation queue.

If a user decides to create an account with us, we’ll keep any data they provide in a “customer profile.” All users have 24/7 access to see, edit, or remove their profile information, except their usernames. This data is also accessible by the website’s administrators.

The data you provide us with is stored indefinitely on our systems. We could potentially keep your data on rented machines. Everyone who helps us manage the company knows how great you are. We may also share information about you with our vendor partners. We can tell the authorities about you if they ask us to.

What can you do with your information?

You can request a file containing any of your personal information (including the information you provided) that we maintain if you have an account on this site or have posted comments. If you’d like us to delete your record from our system, just let us know, and we’ll comply. Legal, administrative, or security-related data won’t be removed.

Where do we send your data?

Your site visitors’ feedback can be reviewed with a spam and abuse detection tool.