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“Powerful quarters” use actresses as “honey traps,” says Major Adil Raja. 

When he claimed that some actresses were exploite as “honey traps” by the country’s powerful establishment, Major (retired) Adil Raja, a former spokesperson for the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society, now resides in London, stirred a discussion. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

In previous tweets, he said Pakistan’s influential circles use actresses to entice politicians and other people into critical roles

“The initials I have listed are often use in the names of models, actors, and other celebrities from Pakistan and abroad. I neither endorse nor disapprove of any celebrities discussed in this context on any forum or social media website. I’m concerned by the social media trends and mentalities in our culture that focus on victimized women rather than the abusers and the root of the exploitation. Before now, Major Adil Raja tweeted.

“The talk on social media about how some actresses have slandered has disappointed and embarrassed me. Let’s talk about the current issues: Describe further, @OfficialDGISPR: 1. Has the probe into Gen. Faiz Hameed that the COAS order started? 2. Were all the alleged videos and audio recordings made? 3. Did the purported financial corruption occur? Added he

On Twitter, an official from the Punjabi government criticized Adil Raja anti-women campaign.
Actress Kubra Khan promised to sue military officer Major (retd) Adil Raja for leveling false accusations against her in retaliation.

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She stated Monday that she would sue Raja in the UK if he did not retract his statements and apologize.

Who is the retired Major, Adil Raja?

According to his biography, Adil Raja is a Pakistani war veteran with more than 19 years of diverse experience in field security responsibilities, political/security analysis, and consulting on significant issues relating to conflict management, political administration, intelligence-based anti-terrorist operations, and DE-radicalization campaigns. During the battle, he also sustained a military injury.

He owns various websites and online magazines covering current affairs and international politics. Maintains a personal blog in addition. Additionally, he appeared in the media as a geopolitical analyst.

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