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Pervaiz Elahi, Aleena, Amna, and Neha’s original audio went viral on social media

Here is the whole audio that was leak of Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha having fun in Urdu. Aleena does cost Rs. 11 Lahks (USD 4900), and he will be traveling with two other people—or should we say four?—including his second wife. The price is Rs. 5 lakhs for a girl alone (USD 2200).

According to Imran Shafqat, a journalist and the host of Tellings on YouTube, this tape was recorded around the time when Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi of the PMLQ was facing significant difficulties as a result of the no-confidence motion and was under a great lot of stress. He then dialed his so-called second young bride. Who reassured him by saying she would arrange for her two friends Aleena, Neha, and Amna to offer Pervaiz Elahi lots of satisfaction and the best time of pleasure for 11 lacks, making him forget all of his issues. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

Audio went viral on social media

The agricultural department purportedly record this encrypted WhatsApp call, and this information will made public very soon. Pervaiz Elahi is ready to dance like a doll to prevent the leak of this call. Because he is also aware that it will happen. This phone call will greatly enrage everyone and pave the way for Imran’s stolen pool movies with a boy.

The threesome video, and other things. Imran Khan on Monday told the members of the Punjab Assembly. That Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi is still backing his party despite the issue surrounding the latter’s most recent interview. However, Imran Niazi and Pervaiz are at odds with one another because both have Imran Niazi’s trust.

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So who are Neha, Amna, and Aleena? They are well-known elite call girls from Lahore who charge astronomically exorbitant rates for just one evening. It only serve the higher class since they are young, attractive college students in Lahore.

They are also incredibly gorgeous and speak English. For a very long time, the forthcoming Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha scandal will continue far longer than any other leaked audio or video. The PML(Q) and PTI have different opinions on seat adjustment. More seats are what the PML(Q) seeks. Shahbaz Gill had already left the hospital when Pervaiz Elahi was instruct to go out of concern for his arrest.

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