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People assumed she was drunk when Urfi Javed stumbled and bumped into things.

We Drank?

Javed Urfi Urfi Javed breaks down in this video because he can’t handle the stress! Everyone who watched her staggering around and colliding with objects murmured, “Drunk…”

Urfi Javed has again taken to the public stage to show off a new garment. However, this time she has gained attention not for her fashion sense but for something else entirely. Consequently, study this post carefully and let us know if you discover anything new about her follow Yojanashakti.

The Newly Viral Video Starring Internet Icon Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed, a YouTube sensation, never fails to shock viewers with her outlandish fashion choices. Urfi’s eccentric style has made her a frequent troll target across multiple platforms. Recently, Urfi Javed’s New Video observed out and about in public again, sporting a brand new outfit for the international audience. This time, though, Urfi had a sleeve of keys hanging out of the back of the black, see-through outfit. Urfi Javed Video’s actions, rather than his colourful clothes, are the target of online trolls at the moment.

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A new video by Urfi Javed goes viral.

Urfi Javed’s New Dress a see-through black dress seen in his most recent music video. Urfi’s chest and stomach are completely bare. This time, she only uses a plain black band to cover her breasts. Urfi Javed Troll having a greater amount of troll work done on her as a result of her constant tripping and bumping.

There is a new video online in which Urfi Javed can seen climbing on the feet of the man who came to take a picture with her. Then, she runs into someone on the way to the elevator in the building. Social media users are making fun of Urfi because of his frequent crashes and failures.

To add insult to injury in their cruel online mocking, some have claimed that Urfi Javed’s Instagram has become increasingly intoxicated. Someone remarked it seems to be of low quality, citing that it delayed and now has worse eyes. Another user mentioned in this comment that she is frequently drunk; however, it currently unclear with whom and how she maintains her inebriation. Another commenter asked, “PK hai kya.”

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