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Pandya Store: Shweta will come up with a new strategy!

The popular Star Plus program Pandya Store is preparing for more drama as Rishita becomes resolved to go back to Ahmedabad for the welfare of her children.

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In the present narrative, it is demonstrated that Shiva questions the children about their identities and becomes more perplexed when they reveal who they are. Shiva is told by Dhara to take his medication on time and to have faith that everything will be fine after she sees that he is under stress. Shiva agrees.

Pandya Store

When Shweta attempts to use the prisoner’s phone to threaten her companion fails, she becomes enraged and chooses not to spare Dhara. As Shivang realizes his current circumstance won’t help him live, he decides to meet Dhara. Prerna is taken to Krish’s favorite spot, where he pops the question.

Prerna becomes joyful. She then adamantly demands that her marriage to Krish only occur in India, and Krish agrees. Rishita decides to depart Ahmedabad. She persuades Dev to keep their choice a secret from Dhara because the latter might become upset and ruin their plan. She also gets Dev to promise to do the same.

In the forthcoming episode, Dhara will question Rishita about the rationale behind her choice to return to Ahmedabad. Rishita will take Dhara away and reassure her that she will handle Chutki independently and do what she thinks is right. The Pandyas will ogle Shivang as he enters the Pandya Nivas.

He’ll get a call from someone pleading with him to help her. Shivang commits. Shweta will be seen conversing on the phone inside the jail.

What will occur after that? Who did Shweta approach for assistance? Shivang’s strategy for meeting the Pandyas has yet to be discovered. Will Pandya find out about Shivang’s covert purpose for visiting?

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