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Pakhi tries to make Virat joyful in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein.

Sai apologizes to Virat in the popular Ghum Hai Kisikey pyaar Mein serial on starPlus TV, which is currently experiencing significant turning points. Sai goes home, as was previously stated. She observes Pakhi leaving for work. If Pakhi doesn’t give her Vinu, she will abandon the house. I know you’re ganes, Pakhi declares, but I won’t permit you to take my spouse or son. Sai says that you are free to take any action you want to halt me from following vinu.

Virat texts Pakhi to tell her that since they are husband and wife, they can discuss their issues together. While walking, Pakhi scans the message and sets her phone aside. Calling Virat, Savi, and Vinu get assistance from him hanging the plaque. Sai shows up there. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

Vinu informs her that they expertly rearranged the broken nameplate. How is it damaged? Sai enquires. yastmastmastmastmastmastmastmas, and. He invites them to view the space. Sai enters the room and is pleased to see her father’s picture. Why didn’t he include his picture, Savi wonders?

According to Virat, he doesn’t want to mislead anyone. Savi is taken outside by Vinayak. Sai is aware that she has harmed him. Sai expresses her gratitude to Virat for adorning their room and apologizes for how she had treated him earlier.

At the dinner table, Bhavani orders Virat to deal with Pakhi and get everything in order; otherwise, I’ll kick Pakhi out of the home. Pakhi is their daughter-in-law, Ashwini tells the woman. She is acting like an adversary, according to Bhavani. Virat promises to put everything in place.

To observe him for her project, Savi arrives and requests that Virat transport her to the police station. Virat concurs. Vinu comes there in the physician’s cloak. Vinu looks fine, according to Virat. Vinu claims that he is still determining his endeavor. Virat requests that he watches Sai and the others enter her infirmary. Sai will take Vinu.

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Vinu is content. Vinayak and Sai arrive at the infirmary the following day. Sai is asked about Vinu by the caregiver. Sai claims to be a young physician. The nurse claims that attractive physicians are becoming more commonplace. Sai glances at her before walking away. In addition to him, who else is beautiful, Vinu wonders. Sai claims that you are the one.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will watch Virat request that Pakhi does not snatch his happiness. He advises letting things play out as they are. If he won’t tell Sai to leave home, Pakhi asks. Yes, Savi can remain with me, says Virat. Okay, I won’t order you to do it, Pakhi says.

Thank you, Virat. He gives her a joyful embrace. Satya is holding Sai as she is about to collapse. He’s asked to depart by Sai. She collapses to the ground as he walks away. Can Virat feel Pakhi’s suffering? Will Sai’s life alter as a result of Satya?

The forthcoming episodes will address each of these queries. Keep checking this space for fresh, exclusive updates to learn what will happen next in your beloved show.

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