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Noida: After clicking on a YouTube link, a woman lost Rs. 4.3 lakh in a WhatsApp job scam.

Social media networks are increasingly being used for job frauds these days. One new case to the long list comes from Noida, where a woman was tricked out of Rs 4.3 lakh by con artists. The report warns people and highlights the gravity of the issue, which is increasingly a nuisance these days. Innocent people are losing their hard-earned money as a result of falling for the enticing messages and promises of quick money, which are getting more prevalent every day.

4.3 lakh rupees are lost by a woman in a WhatsApp job scam.

Following Covid, as technological advancements expanded the range of work-from-home career alternatives, the other side of the coin is proven to be harmful. Nowadays, practically everyone receives deceptive scam calls and messages on their phones, and individuals are suffering significant losses as a result. A woman was instructed to like YouTube videos in a recent incident that was discovered in Noida in order to make money. Let’s examine how the woman was harmed by the occurrence.

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According to reports, a woman was approached by scammers on Whatsapp, who persuaded her to accept an easy job she could perform from home by simply liking YouTube videos. Additionally, she was instructed to share the films with her friends and to like, share, and comment on them on a website. In the Telegram group, she was given certain chores as well. The woman began working since she was being paid initially for the chores that she was given. After the woman paid the early installments and the con artists gained her trust, they discussed the main task that would be more advantageous to her. The woman fell victim to scammers after becoming engrossed in a recent infatuation.

Sector 61 in Noida is where the woman resides. People were surprised by the situation and encouraged caution when conversing online. At the Sector 58 Noida police station, a cyber fraud case has been reported. The cyber cell is looking into the matter and questioning the woman over all of the assignments and links that the con artists shared. The police have promised to solve the crime quickly. The incident and her loss have horrified the woman. The government must take harsh action against the con artists in light of the escalating number of cyber fraud cases. But it’s time to use greater caution and vigilance when communicating with strangers online.

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