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Megha Ray recalls when she struggled: I had my hair and makeup done and was ready to go on set when I was instructed to return home.

Self-realization can occasionally require time. The same thing occurred to Megha Ray. Her life could make a good movie screenplay, from being a talented student to becoming an engineer, working a well-paying job, and finally quitting everything to become a full-time actor. The actress discusses her journey to becoming an artist. She portrays Radhika in the upcoming Nilanjana Purkayastha and Herumb Khot production Sapnon Ki Chhalaang.

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Megha Ray

Although I excelled in science and was a top student, I also enjoyed art. I was also taking ballet classes. Academically inclined people typically regard their passion for art as a hobby. But ultimately, as I got older and started working for a company, I understood that art was what I wanted to do for a living and that science was just a hobby for me,” she says, noting that this insight didn’t occur to her until much later in life.

The pressure of social expectations then came as a result of the realization. She describes how she progressively overcame it.

Do something like this abruptly. My family is involved in schooling, and nobody has the slightest connection to the business world.

However, I realized that if I didn’t say anything, I would repent it. I put my foot down and said that this was the field I wanted to enter and refused to seek higher education, such as an MBA, which was expected of me.

Megha Ray

My folks were stunned, but I handled it well. I didn’t just unleash the bomb; I built it up gradually. I was making sure I wasn’t financially burdening them. I also engaged in fashion writing on the weekends and earned some money from it. When it was safe, and I was making money from brands, I left the position, she continues.

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