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Martha Mwihaki Hinga? YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter Video

Mwihaki Hinga, Martha Age, Wiki, and Bio

We can’t tell if it’s a guy or a gal.

However, it has long been known that Facebook star Martha Mwihaki Hinga is only a pseudonymous writer. Who has managed to scare the Central region’s gospel sector thanks to her nose for celebrity scand*als.

Due to the blogger’s exposés, the region’s showbiz has again found its online groove. She has emerged as the only source of spicy stories about celebs. If you want to more update follow Yojanashakti.

Mwihaki, who maintains his anonymity and has a considerable following, has been able to expose essential figures in the gospel sector for a range of wrongdoings.

Hinga is also unrelenting, doesn’t play favorites, and strikes hard and ruthlessly in her quest to sanitize an out-of-control industry.

Mwihaki Hinga Martha splits her exposés into parts that cover the politicians, media personalities, crooners, and members of the clergy who are exposed as lies.

She has even exposed individuals who wear them by identifying people who (Akorino) remove their religious turbans when out having fun and put them back on Sundays.

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Martha has also revealed some in gospel ministries who planned events to raise money for good causes. But pocketed the money for themselves.

There are rumors that certain people in the industry fake humanitarian situations, arrange fundraisers. And then spend the money on dining out and partying.

Popular Martha Mwihaki Hinga video

According to Mwihaki Hinga Martha accounts, philanthropist Karungu way Maurya was offer a fascinating sponsored vacation to Dubai. Still, he was denied entry since he was the one who had identify as the central figure in this Storm after having a relationship with Nyambu Ithaga.

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