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Man Attacks Delivery Boy in Noida After OTP Dispute; Internet Video Goes Viral

A horrifying video of a guy repeatedly punching a delivery boy has recently surfaced online. In Uttar Pradesh’s Noida, this horrible tragedy took place. As soon as the news video went viral on social media and was made available online, reports about the uncounted reactions began to appear. People are now very interested to learn why the man beat a delivery boy after this news left them with many unanswered questions.

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As was already mentioned, a delivery boy was viciously beaten by a man in Noida. The video gained popularity on numerous social networking sites after it was posted online. The assault is claimed to have been sparked by a disagreement over a one-time password, according the story. The delivery kid is seen being kicked and slapped by the man in the public in the viral footage. While a security guard and another man approached, he stopped the man and said nothing.

In Noida, a man assaults a delivery boy

The delivery kid reportedly tries to stop and defend himself, but the society resident beats him relentlessly. The terrible occurrence took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida Sector 99. The video has received a ton of attention since it was uploaded to numerous social networking sites. After seeing the footage, a FIR was filed, and Noida police arrived on the scene right away. Police have detained the subject in question.

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As far as we are aware, a second incident video that saw two individuals severely striking a security guard also surfaced online a day after the first video did. The event happened in sector 70 Ashiana Homes early on Friday. The guard was sound asleep in his cabin when the men stormed in and started a brutal assault. The individual was brought into prison by the Noida police, and the matter is still being investigated. Here, we’ve given you all the facts we currently know; if we learn anything new, we’ll let you know as quickly as possible.

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