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Major Adil Raja: Biography, Age, and Viral Video!!

The spokesperson for the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS), a support group for former Pakistani Army officers, is Adil Farooq Raja (Urdu: ), a journalist, political commentator, security expert, and retired major of the Pakistani Army. 45-year-old Major Adil Raja, who was born in 1978, was born.

Major Adil Raja graduated with bachelor’s degrees in general science, military science, and international relations from the Pakistan Military Academy. He received his master’s at the University of Peshawar. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Major Adil Raja currently lives in London with his family. He has parents in Pakistan.

Major Adil Raja’s wife is Sabine Kiyani. She’s a UK resident. In April 2022, Major Adil vanished, and his wife made a public internet statement about it. He spent six days in the UK before returning to his country.

Adil Raja, Major of Career

Major Adil Raja was a Major in the Pakistani military. Currently, he represents Pakistan in the USA at the International Human Rights Foundation. Additionally, he has written columns for The Nation and served as a contractor for DHA Islamabad.

YouTube user Adil Raja routinely publishes videos about Pakistan’s political environment.

After the military, a career

When writing on current affairs and world politics, he currently concentrates on South Asia. He also holds the position of Director of Operations for AJS Consultants, a business specializing in hiring consultants and buying land. He also contributes essays to the journal The Nation.

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The Major Adil Raja Story in Viral Videos

Major Adil Raja published a film on his YouTube channel that features interviews with the former Pakistani Army Chief and other prominent generals. He listed well-known top Pakistani actresses in videos.

The most well-known actress from Pakistan strongly denied all of the allegations and demanded proof from him before threatening legal action. According to Adil Raja, these actresses and top army generals have a past relationship. The public supported these actresses in opposition to Adil Raja’s false accusations. The consensus was that this was anti-Pakistani propaganda supported by foreign powers.

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