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 Lavlunee accusations against Hasan are shown in a viral video

Streamers Lavlunee and Hasan Ab, two influencers, are involve in the case discuss here. After one alleged the other had s*x with a minor, a streamer and an influencer/streamer got into a furious disagreement. Earlier, Lavlunee had stated on her feed that Abu. If You want more update follow Yojanashakti.

Viral Lavlunee Video

Who had an inappro*priate physical interaction with a minor and is also a streamer. It led to the establishment of several organizations where people swapped the two and some online myths. Let’s look at the facts as well as the accusations. Lavlunee claimed in her stream that Hasan Abi was involved s*xually with one of her pals.

Lav claimed to have in a relationship with Abi, an adu*lt and 24 at the time of the relationship. At the same time, the girl was just 17, withholding details about the chronology and the friend’s identity. He started to get online trolls for having a se*xual relationship with a minor as soon as the relationship information leaked. Abi later responded to it as well.

Hasan chose to sue Lavlunee as soon as the specific of their relationship were revealed. Later on, though, Abi asserted that he was not dating Lavlunee’s friend, who is 17 years old. On November 14, 2022, when Abi was streaming online, he grew irritated and frustrated when these messages started appearing on his screen. The same user posted the identical statement on his Twitch life.

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Lavlune claimed he had never romantic connect with a child despite knowing the woman Abi was seeing. He declared he had never had a physical relationship with a juvenile in response. Abi said he would take Lavlunee to court and sue her for falsely accusing him. He went on to say that he would sue her for this and personally meet her there.

An explanation of Lavlune assertions about Hasan

Furthermore, he claimed that the woman with whom he was in a relationship was an adu*lt, not a juvenile and that she was 19. He added that he would permanently deny having any relationship with a child. Abi stated that the lady he was seeing and who Lavlune also knew claimed to be an adu*lt, older than 18, and that she was 19 when they started dating.

Abi said the claims against Lavlunee were ridiculous. He then counseled her to check and be transparent. He added that at the time, she was 19, and he was 24. The influencer or streamer made this clarification on the same day that they disclosed the relationship specifics without even being aware of the whole context.

In their posts, the two of them still need to address any issues about their relationship or the law. The person Abi was romantic involve with may come forward to clarify the situation. Although Lavlunee has not provided any updates regarding Abi’s clarification, it is clear that Abi intends to sue her in response to the false accusations she made against him.

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