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Kimmikka Twitch Livestreams a viral video on Twitter & Reddit!!

Kimmikka Users of Twitch upset because a streamer was temporarily suspended for showing a very NSFW stream. As long as they haven’t already banned from Twitch, one of the largest platforms in the world, practically anyone can broadcast their activity to the entire internet. They occasionally watch YouTube videos, play games, stage elaborate performances, or document their daily lives on camera. Because of the service’s effectiveness, there have been many disputes throughout the years. Hot tub streaming increased significantly in 2021, and a significant leak revealed how much streamers paid. For more update follow Yojanashakti.

Recently, many well-known producers have discussed Twitch’s inconsistent banning, and users are once more angry over it. Since Kimmika engaged in s*x while live-streaming, she suspended from Twitch for a week. The streamer’s peculiar posture and the fact that viewers could make out the head of a man standing behind her struck viewers as odd. However, there wasn’t much for them to envision because the window on her side reflected everything.

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When Jidion6, a former Kimmikka Twitch streamer, noticed this, he accused Twitch of “favouritism” and “s*xism.” He argued that a streamer who performed se*x banned only for a week. He permanently banned after conducting a hate raid against Pokimane. Pokimane and Jidion6 have reconciled and grown closer since then, but he hasn’t returned to the platform. Jidion6 created a YouTube video on the problem and instigated the hashtag #TwitchRespond. Watch Full Kimmikka Twitch Video also requested to discuss it in front of others.

Twitch is yet to comment on what occurred. Users of Twitch venting their on Twitter since bans n’t applied uniformly across the board. Even though this has been an issue for a while, this incident has offended people more than ever.

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