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What time and where can I watch the Telugu movie Kabzaa on OTT?

The OTT release of Kannada Biggie Kabzaa has been announced, albeit its theatrical release hasn’t even been a whole month. Yes, Kabzaa will soon be available on television. Kabzaa was one of the most eagerly awaited movies in the Kannada cinema industry since it was met with enormous anticipation. However, Kabzaa could not equal the energy and zeal of KGF, another gem of the Kannada film industry. The audience headed to the movies with the same anticipation they had for KGF. The public is looking for Kabzaa Ott’s release date because of this. As a result, we decided to write an article and offer some updates about the Kabzaa OTT release date. What is also urgently needed to know is when and where Kabzaa will be distributed on OTT.

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Date and time of the Kabzaa OTT release

The movie Kabzaa debuted on March 17, 2023, in theatres. The film had a pan-Indian release because it was available in seven languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada. The movie only succeeded commercially in the Kannada region but was an abject failure in the Hindi region, particularly in the northern states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Despite being in the same genre as KGF, this historical gangster action and thriller failed to captivate the crowd.

Who is Kabzaa’s director?

R Chandru is the director of this gangster action movie from the era. Despite the failure of Kabzaa’s first installment, filmmaker Chandru declared that he would make a sequel to the film, which would be bigger and grander. I’m going to take a quick break and focus on Kabzaa 2,” Chandru stated. The script is currently being written. I can guarantee that it will grow and improve.

Regarding the movie’s OTT release and platform, Prime Videos has purchased the digital rights to Kannada Biggie. As a result, the film will debut on Prime Videos on April 14, 2023. The movie will be a short time from now. The movie will be available for streaming to Prime Videos subscribers starting on Friday, April 14, 2023. Upendra, Shiva Rajkumar, Kicha Sudeep, and Shriya Saran are the film’s primary critical characters.

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