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Jet Black, Stranglers drummer, dies at 84 from sickness

Jet Black, the founder of The Stranglers, passed away after battling a chronic illness. He was well-recognized for being the founder of The Stranglers. He was a drummer who also made various types of furniture. RIP Jet Black Dead: Stranglers Drummer Dies Aged 84 Due To Ill Health.

Jet Bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel declared the end of Jet Black. Jet, whom bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel referred to as a “force of nature,” “rebel with many causes,” and the “most erudite of men,” passed away on December 6 after a protracted battle with a chronic illness, Burnel stated. However, Jean-Jacques has not revealed what illness Jet had. For the most recent information on breaking news, keep checking the Yojanashakti website.

How Did Jet Black Pass Away?

He passed away on December 6, 2022, following a protracted battle with an unidentified illness. He was about 84 years old. Jean-Jacques Burnel, Jet Black’s bassist, has stated that the band’s members have a chronic disease. His loved ones and friends had surrounded Jet Black in his final hours. He also passed away quietly.

The Stranglers’ drummer at the time was Jet. Brian John Duffy is his name, and the same name also serves as his company name. He had previously been the proprietor of some ice cream trucks that had traveled around the United Kingdom. Some of The Stranglers’ members were detained in 1980 when He worked with them but eventually deciphered the model.

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Honoring Jet Black

In addition to being the drummer, Jet was a well-known member of the new wave rock band “The Stranglers.” In addition, he had written a few novels and made furniture in the past. He had started the Stranglers. The Stranglers have written numerous songs, 23 of which have reached the top 40 singles. No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Always The Sun, and Peaches are some of The Stranglers’ best-known songs.

Before The Stranglers’ Jet Black passed away, Dave Greenfield passed away after testing positive for COVID-19 in May 2020. We support Jet Black’s loved ones and friends during these challenging times. We also ask for Jet Black’s tranquility.

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