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Ishani will receive a slap from Sulochana in “Lag Ja Gale”!

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Namik Paul and Tanisha Mehta play the key characters in the freshly released Zee TV series Lag Ja Gale. The show follows the adventures of Ishani Kulkarni, a hard-working Maharashtrian girl, and Shiv Dhooper, a self-made young hotelier from Punjab. The show is currently preparing for added drama. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!

In the prior episode, Kiran requested that Shiv leave. To cheer her up, Shiv cancels his meeting and remains. Kiran is crying, and Ishani sees it. She learns that the purported actor portraying Mata Rani’s lion is not present. Kiran has requested Shiv to play the lion in Jagrata, she says as she walks up to him. Shiv concurs. Kiran is in for a surprise, Ishani tells her.

Kiran is ecstatic to see Shiv on stage in a lion costume. She captures moments and emails them to Yash. He needs to meet the person who made Shiv do this since he is intrigued about who did it. Lag Ja Gale episode Sulochana alerts Puja and Jagdish about the arrival of a favorable marriage proposal. If she can’t see Ishani’s suffering, Jagdish queries. He challenges her on her lack of concern for Ishani.

Sulochana criticizes Ishani for allegedly complaining about her to him. In a fit of wrath, Sulochana tells him she doesn’t care about Ishani and begs him to thank her for continuing to keep Ishani in their house. Ishani will not spared, according to Sulochana; instead, she will learn a lesson.

Kiran tells Shiv that she didn’t speak to Ishani.

Shiv calls out Ishani for lying about his mother. Late at night, Ishani arrives home but cannot open the front door. Sulochana asserts that no one will attempt to unlock the door because she changed the lock and provided everyone with sleeping drugs. Ishani is left alone to endure the cold all night.

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In the upcoming episode, Ishani gets slapp by Sulochana for whining to Jagdish about her. Kiran asks that a video withheld from Shiv. When Shiv sees it, he breaks the phone and accuses Ishani. He says Ishani is obligate to cover the cost. Shiv tells Ishani that she has not dismissed and that he has made a complaint against her.

Ishani claims that Shiv works in the hotel industry, but she is still determining how to treat his visitors. She gives him 20 rupees while claiming that he is deserving of less.

Keep watching Lag Ja Gale on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and in this space to find out what happens next.

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