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Is Vidhi going, to be honest, with Dev in Na Umra ki Seema Ho?

Star Bharat newest program is called Na Umra ki Seema Ho, and it debute just recently.

This show follows the life of Vidhi, a young woman who meets and falls in love with Devratha, a wealthy businessman in his middle years. Now the story centers on Hariprasad giving the nod to Vidhi and Dev for them to tackle the challenging circumstance. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

Amba was seen presiding over the press conference in the prior episode. Her testimony was use in the case against Dev Raichand. In front of the media, she framed him for the crime. Many people trusted what she said and stood by her side. Urmila expressed her displeasure to Hariprasad that he had arranged the marriage between Vidhi and Dev Raichand. Vidhi saw that the deterioration of the situation continued.

Amba has told everyone a lie, claiming that Dev guarantee they would get married.

He broke her fast. He dropped hints that suggest he was interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with her. However, by seeing Vidhi, he betrayed her. Vidhi Sharma heart was shatter by what he did. Vidhi’s appearance there was a complete shock to Dev. In Na Umra ki Seema Ho episode Vidhi disclosed to the public that despite Dev’s assurances that he would protect her, he never told her about his affection for her.

He acknowledged in front of the media that he thought of her as a friend. Vidhi Sharma, not Amba, was the object of his affection. Amba belittled her by pointing out that she came from a middle-class family. Vidhi appropriately responded to her.

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A new resident will move into Dev’s home in the next episode, showing viewers a new lady arriving there. She will inquire as to the reasoning behind Satyavati’s decision to arrange Dev’s marriage to a young woman. In the meantime, Vidhi is going to start with Dev Raichand. She would explain to him that her background comes from the middle class, which is unsuitable for someone of his rank.

What will take place after this? Will Vidhi be able to uncover the truth? When will Dev finally tie the knot with Vidhi?

The upcoming episode Na Umra ki Seema Ho will address our concerns; in the meantime, remain tuned to this site for additional information.

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