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In the fourth season of You, Joe Goldberg switches from being a predator to prey

The latest season of “You” has released on Netflix, and it appears that Joe Goldberg, portrayed by Penn Badgley, is not the only murderer in London. In the trailer, Joe assumes the identity of Jonathan Moore, a literature professor at a city university. He appears to enjoy his work despite surrounded by haughty socialites.

Marianne left the country in the season’s last episode after learning the truth about Joe’s disturbing behavior. However, Joe realizes there might be another killer on the loose when wealthy members of London’s elite show up dead. Additionally, this time, Tati Gabrielle will return as Joe’s love interest Marienne Bellamy, with platinum blonde hair. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!!

The return of Tati Gabrielle as Marienne Bellamy, and then a brief glimpse of her. Did you shatter my heart, Marienne? The lead actor Penn Badgley is hear saying this in the fourth season of the “You” trailer. The voice-over says, “Heartbreak is always a trigger for a new route.”

Joe Goldberg was driven to Europe by his heartache. The audience assumed that Season 4 would occur in Paris because Joe pretended to die at the end of Season 3 and went there to look for Marienne.

But the @younetflix account stated on Instagram, “Joe’s back for a bloody good time…

Perhaps our boy isn’t in Paris anymore,” implying that the next season was shot elsewhere.

Three key lessons from Joe’s new trip in the You season 4 trailer

1) A brand-new location, name, or circle

The shift in location is one of the most apparent adjustments in the “You” Season 4 trailer. It was revealed in the previous season that Joe Goldberg had move away from California and his tumultuous background to start a new life.

The new season’s trailer has Joe assuming a new persona as Professor Jonathan Moore, working as a professor in London and hanging out with affluent friends. Although Joe claims to be loving his life as an educator in Europe in the trailer. It is evident that this contentment will only continue for a short time.

2) A shift in the season’s theme

The fourth season of “You” appears to cast Joe Goldberg in an entirely different capacity as he becomes involved in a Sherlockian-style investigation and a new environment. With the characters, clothing, and camerawork resembling that of an investigative thriller program and the series set in the busy city of London. The myriad of quirky people give the series a new tone.

Despite this change, some characteristics from the earlier seasons continue to exist. Such as Joe’s propensity to stalk people with whom he becomes obsessed. He is also seen in the trailer trying to avoid reverting to this behavior.

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3) The hunter turns into the prey

Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley in the upcoming “You” season, will encounter stalking for the first time. The dynamic of the show previous seasons is reversed in the new season teaser. Which begins with a murder mystery in which affluent group members are kill and then abruptly cuts to Joe receiving a text from a probable stalker.

“You” used to concentrate on Joe Goldberg obsession and the extent he would go to for what he believed to be love. Joe will experience the fear and terror that he has caused inflicted on others in this new season.

You Season 4 Details on Netflix

The psychological thriller “You” explores the troubled mind of Joe Goldberg, the series’ key figure, who performs a blue-collar job during the day and transforms into a serial killer at night. Joe is a romantic at heart, but his obsessions with the women he loves frequently become lethal and violent.

The television program is based on Caroline Kepnes’s book of the same name. Netflix said that the eagerly awaited fourth season of “You” will published in two parts after releasing a teaser. On February 9, Part 1 will be available, and on March 9, Part 2 will appear.

The fourth season of “You” has its chief writers Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. The series, which is made by Alloy Entertainment in collaboration with Warner Bros., will have executive producers Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo back.

The fourth season of “You” will include a new cast in addition to Penn Badgley and Tati Gabrielle reprising their roles, including Charlotte Ritchie, Lukas Gage, Ed Speleers, Tilly Keeper, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Niccy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Brad Alexander, Ozioma When, and Eve Austin.

The new season’s first episode will debut on February 9, 2023, and the second will follow one month later.

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