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Imlie: Will Dhairya tell his mother about his suffering?

Popular programs on Star Plus Imlie will see the program change dramatically. With Arto’s assistance, Imlie revealed Chini and reestablished contact with him. But now that a new individual has entered their lives, it will be fascinating to see how the show is affected by the unique twists that result.  Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!

In a previous scene, Arto presented Imlie with roses to say “thank you” for assisting him with the proposal. He also praised her for the successful undercover operation. Imlie was enraged when Dhairya later called Arto a “spoiled brat.” Imlie shared with him Arto’s plight and how he gave up his DJ job to support his father.

Later, Dhairya intervened to prevent Kia and Akash from disclosing Arto’s secret to everyone. At the party, Rudra credited Arto, but he later admitted that Imlie, not he, should have received the honor. Imlie mentioned Dhairya’s assistance. Arto realized he would never be as successful in business as Rudra.

Imlie later agreed with Arto that he had a second ability. It makes no difference if he couldn’t manage commerce. Imlie learned that the Rana Transport company was engaged in an unlawful activity and decided to know the truth.

In the forthcoming episodes, it is seen that Rudra will express his gratitude to Dhairya for aiding Imlie before announcing Imlie’s appointment as the director of Operations for his transport business. Dhairya will feel disappointed that he wasn’t given the job he deserves. Imlie will eventually assume responsibility, and Arto congratulates her and says she is a strong woman who can manage all the work.

Arto is pleased with Rudra’s choice because he is willing to admit that business is not his cup of tea. Arto won’t be unhappy when Imlie decides to launch her sting operation at Rana Transport because he believes Imlie has a valid reason for doing so. Dhairya will tell his mother about his suffering, and she will advise him to maintain his composure.

Imlie will later be fed curd sugar by Arto, and she will also provide him with his performance. Imlie will arrive at the office, and Rudra will present her to the staff, but Dhairya is the only one who believes in her potential.

What will Dhairya do now?

The forthcoming episodes will address each of these queries.

Check this area to discover what happens next in your favorite Imlie show.

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