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Imlie: Should Arto entirely attribute Imlie for coming up with the idea?

Popular programs on Star Plus Imlie will see the program change dramatically. With Arto’s assistance, Imlie revealed Chini and reestablished contact with him. But now that a new individual has entered their lives, it will be fascinating to see how the show is affected by the unique twists that result. Follow our website, yojanashakti.com, for the latest updates!!!!


Arto was previously seen to be under pressure as he considered how to inform Rudra that the proposal was yet to be available. Imlie left the house to assist Arto after Rudra asked him to make the presentation. Imlie asked Dhairya to allow her to help Arto after he barred her from the meeting room. By aiding Imlie, Dhairya carried out his pledge as well. After receiving Imlie’s call, Arto briefed the clients on the plan.

They reached an agreement, and Dhairya judged him. Imlie urged him to refrain because she didn’t know Arto. There, Kia and Akash erupted, knowing Arto had once more triumphed thanks to Imlie. Rudra threw a party, and Arto resolved to tell the truth to him before that.

The upcoming episodes will show Arto giving Imlie flowers to say “thank you” for assisting him with the proposal. Also, receiving his congratulations will be her undercover operation. Later, Dhairya refers to Arto as a spoilt child, upsetting Imlie. Imlie will discuss Arto’s difficulties and how he gave up his DJ job to support his father.

Later, Dhairya intervenes to prevent Kia and Akash from disclosing Arto’s secret to everyone. At the party, Rudra will credit Arto, but he will also admit that Imlie, not he, is the one who truly merits the credit. Imlie will also say that Dhairya was of assistance. Arto will concede that he cannot achieve Rudra’s success in business. Imlie will later agree with Arto that he possesses a different ability.

It makes no difference if he couldn’t manage commerce. Imlie will learn that Rana Transport’s business is involved in illegal activities and resolve to find the truth. Imlie will then be named the manager of the transit staff. Rudra will present her to the team, but Dhairya and the others will only believe in her potential.

What will Dhairya do now?

The forthcoming episodes will address each of these queries.

Keep checking this area to discover what happens next in your favorite Imlie show.

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