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Imane Anys is known as Pokimane on Twitch

Pokimane is a well-known internet star who was born on May 14, 1996. She is high recognized for her gaming-related videos on Twitch and YouTube. Her top three streaming games are League of Legends, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

Pokimane will turn 26 by the end of 2022. She is of European race and descends from both Moroccans and Canadians. She also holds two citizens.

Imane Anys is Pokimane’s real name, born in Morocco. Her parents have not yet been the subject of any media coverage. Therefore, little is known about them. But she did say that she has a younger sibling. She was getting her degree in chemical engineering at McMaster University before dropping out and becoming a social media influencer instead. If you want more update follow Yojanashakti.

Career Information

Pokimane started streaming on Twitch in 2013, but her League of Legends gameplay put her at the top of the community in 2017. She was employe by the game’s creators, Epic Games, in 2018 to play and stream Fortnite. In addition to streaming on Twitch, she also uploads videos to her YouTube accounts. Pokimane and Pokimane ASMR are her two YouTube aliases. Her first channel, which has more than 4.91 subscribers as of this writing, features videos of her playing games, reactions, cameos from other online celebrities, and other intriguing material. Her second channel, featuring ASMR sounds, has more than 674 thousand subscribers.

The “Nip Slip” live stream by Pokimane has gone viral and is sweeping the internet like wildfire.

Pokimane is a celebrity who rose to fame online through perseverance and streaming. Pokimane is in the news because she made an embarrassing mistake with her clothes while streaming on Twitch. Since more than ten years ago, Pokimane has been streaming content on Twitch. The streamer has gained prominence, and many people now watch her streams. The incident happened on the day in question while the streamer was also doing a long streaming session. Learn more about this and the circumstances behind Pokimane’s entrance into the target.

>>> The video of Pokimane performing open shirt goes viral

Pokimane was streaming on the event day, and she was either streaming or playing Overwatch 2 when the issue occurred. On November 15, 2022, something happen as Pokimane was engaged in a game. She interrupted her career for a moment to finish a chore. When she returned, she was online in front of many people and had forgote that her bare breasts were still exposed. Everyone videotaped the event on their cellphones because so many people were there, then posted it to social media so their followers could share it. She quickly adjusted it while browsing the internet with her breasts exposed.

Pokimane swiftly walked back and covered her exposed breasts after realizing she was to blame for accidentally opening her garment from the top. Even though the streamer immediately caught it and fixed it. The incident was recorded by several people and shared online. Pokimane was caught on camera continue for more than a few seconds. Pokimane was simultaneously engaging with her subscribers and watching the game. She announced that she had a science-related question for everyone before realizing that her garments did not hide her bare breasts. Pokimane went and turned off the water while she changed into new clothes.

She is a powerful woman. The streamer also has pro- and anti-woman attitudes. Pokimane was oppose to many laws that curtailed the rights of women. She stated that she would support women and their plight as persecuted groups. People on the Internet are surprise to learn that the streamer has in this situation and that it happened quickly. One online user said that it is awful to see Pokimane suffer from such a defect and for people to broadcast her video all over the internet and that it should taken down.

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