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GONCALO RAMOS video went popular on Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit

Earlier on Tuesday, Goncalo Ramos, a striker who had never previously represented Portugal in a FIFA world cup, took over for Cristiano Ronaldo. Even though this pick was made during rush hour and fans were dissatisfied with the teams’ choice, no one can replace Cristiano, and his ability cannot improve. Goncalo, the athlete who will take over for Ronaldo, has a video or a little clip that has gone viral online and is in high demand. Please continue reading as we go into great depth about this tragedy and the Goncalo. For the most recent information on breaking news, keep checking the Yojanashakti website.

Who Exactly Is Goncalo Ramos?

The player who will take over for Ronaldo is only 21 years old. Goncalo Matias Ramos is his full name; he was give that name on June 20, 2001. Goncalo, a terrific athlete who never actually played as a striker in games, was a fantastic replacement for Ronaldo. On the other hand, Ronaldo, a striker who has won many competitions, has won the Ballon d’Or five times.

Ramos is the son of another footballer by the name of Marco Ramos in terms of his personal life. Before making his professional debut at twelve, Goncalo had previously played for some teams. Goncalo scored a hat trick for Benfica and became the first player since 1998 to score twice in a debut match.

Portuguese footballer Goncalo Ramos

Additionally, he observed Goncalo in his room with a companion, and the tape depicts some of their private exchanges. Even though it is unclear who uploaded the video to the internet, they captured it during an intimate moment.

While the exact method of the video’s virality is still unknown, much as discussed. Several websites are removing the footage, probably at the request of the player’s team. Neither Goncalo team nor he personally has address this issue until this point, and no justification has been offered.

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Full Goncalo Ramos viral tape

Goncalo was chosen to replace Ronaldo, which cause discontent and a lack of fan support.

But a day later, Goncalo rose to fame for unseating the illustrious competitors, and he did it again when his video went viral. Because Goncalo is now well-known and making news for his replacement, the video swiftly soared to the top of several social media platforms. It is reported that a Goncalo private videos went viral online. As a result, more people search for Goncalo’s name on Twitter and other social networking sites. Online video requests are also common.

Goncalo scored goals for the juniors, under-23, first, and B teams for Benfica each season.

In 2022, Goncalo made his international debut alongside the senior international teams. In November, he scored the opening goal of the campaign and the UEFA Championship League. Goncalo Ramos previously claimed that he wants to play for different clubs in various events, including the championship league, European leagues, and the world cup, in an interview held after the under-19 game.

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