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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein Written Update, March 29, 2023: Satya disproves Pakhi’s allegations.

As the show opens, Satya queries Pakhi about her perception of Sai’s humanity. Sai is cold-hearted, according to Pakhi, and I don’t like her. Pakhi is forced to disclose her motivations by Dr. Satya’s provocative questions. In addition, Pulkit and Sai are the best doctors without any marks on their careers, so please don’t cancel their licenses and look at their records, says Satya, who begs the judge to take notice that Pakhi brought the case out of jealousy. Pakhi is startled. The lawsuit is dismissed after the judge rules in Sai and Pulkit’s favor. Everybody applauds. Satya draws Sai’s adoring gaze. Satya returns the grin. Virat is aware of it.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein

After apologizing to Pakhi, the attorney departs. Pakhi is approached by Ashwini, who advises her to put the incident behind her. Pakhi leaves in agony. Satya is getting ready to go. He is stopped by Sai, who thanks him for his assistance with the matter. Satya asserts that he, not she, aided the truth. When Virat arrives, he praises Satya for his help. Satya departs on his bike after asking Sai and Virat to enjoy the achievement. Congrats from Virat to Sai.

Bhavani congratulates Virat on Sai’s achievement as they travel. Virat congratulates her as well. The real hero, according to Bhavani, is you because you brought people from Konkoli to give Sai an opportunity, despite Satya’s bravery in exposing Pakhi. In Virat’s opinion, I am also the true villain because your actions undermined the case. According to Bhavani, she did it for him. What does she mean? Virat queries.

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Pakhi is about to experience a mishap. Before tempo hits Pakhi, Ninad rescues her. Ashwini reprimands Pakhi for failing to notice the pace. No one at home desires me, according to Pakhi, and Bhavani aunty might even set up my departure, so why should I stay? Bhavani informs Virat that she overheard his statement and requests an answer regarding his feelings for Sai. Virat halts the vehicle. Bhavani claims that I have been sworn at, so be honest with me. Virat acknowledges his affection for Sai. He remembers his interactions with Sai.

Sai go back home. Who won? Queries Mohit. He learns that she gained from Sai. Everyone is joyful. Vinayak is disappointed to hear that Pakhi failed the exam. Virat tells Bhavani that Sai satisfies him and that she is the love of her life. Why doesn’t he tell Sai about his emotions, Bhavani wonders? Virat claims it won’t happen because Pakhi is my wife, and I might suffocate to death, but I can’t abandon Pakhi, my obligation. Can he ignore Sai? Asks Bhavani.

The episode is over.

Pakhi expresses her desire to begin a new existence with Virat in the precap. Virat claims he also has a message for her. He claims he can no longer coexist with her and needs to be divorced to wed Sai. He joyfully rushes to Sai but is startled by what he sees.

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